Looking for friends!!

Hi everyone, Im new in Scotland, anyone not scotish living here???

Hi I am not a Scottish and living in Glasgow.. Where are u living in Scotland..

HI Kusha, where in Glasgow? I am in Shawlands.

I live in Penicuik, is near by Edinburgh :)

Im living in Penicuik, is like 40 minutes from Edinburgh

Hey..I live in Berkeley Street in Glasgow

Can I ask your age?  :)

Am 27! What about you?

Ohh.. I work nearby.. At waterloo street..

It's 28 and What's yours ?  :)

Im 39 sorry, im looking for friends over 35

Hello how are you?

Chaouchi Amar :

Hello how are you?

This is an old topic, you're not likely to get a response.  Furthermore, this isn't a chat room, but a forum :)  I suggest you look for newer topics, and post more complete responses.

Romaniac Experts Team

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