Where to buy Marmite in Riyadh

I want to buy marmite in Riyadh but I can't find it. I've been to Tamimi, Carrefour, HyperPanda, and Danube but they didn't have it. Does anyone have any idea where I could get it?

Do they have Manuels in riyadh?

I am surprised I recently saw in Danube in Jeddah. Usually Riyadh has things and Jeddah doesn't.

You may also try Lulu or if you have a friend living on a compound check their compound grocery store.  Sometimes products are brought into the compound grocery stores but not the city in general.

You can buy it in Carrefour, but not all Carrefour supermarkets will carry the same stock. The same goes for Tamimi, in that some will have more lines than others. Stupid but reality.

I found Marmite in Danube in the end. It was 29 riyals for the jar. I walked around with it for five minutes before I decided to buy it.

It wasn't in the jam/honey/Nutella section. I checked there, there was nothing, then as I was walking around, I saw the bread section (I think), and the spices section. I thought that I may as well go and see if there was anything there, and I found some jars next to the vanilla powder in the baking section! I asked a worker why it was there because it has very little to do with baking, and he said that there was no space to put it in the jam section, so they stuck it there.... (?!?!). Anyway, drama over until when this supply runs out..

Nothing will ever be in the logical place in the markets. Always search every aisle. Lately I have seen refried beans with pasta and vegemite with baking stuff

Did you ever find Marmite sold in Saudi?

Jason found it in Danube Mall in Riyadh.



Great, many thanks, Martin :)

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