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Im Zara from England. I have been living in Slovenia for a couple of months and very much enjoy the country! I am working as an Au Pair for a Slovenia family in Ljubljana.

Im exploring the country on weekends, if anyone wants to accompany me or has any tips on where to visit in the cooler months please let me know!

Speak soon :)

I live in Ljubljana , so if you need something, just ask me at xxx
see you.

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Hello Zara,

Welcome on board  :)

I created a new thread from your post on the Slovenia forum so that you may get some feedback.
@ atalon, it is recommended to share infos on the forum itself. Feel free to post here itself f you have any tips for Zara.

This may also help any members of the forum having the same queries.

Best of luck,

Hi Zara,

When is your off days to explore the city?

middletonalex2012 :

Hi Zara,

When is your off days to explore the city?

This a 2-year-old post and Zara has not visited the site in 8 months. There is a good chance she is no longer in the country and has moved back to England. So you may well get no reply.

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