I want to live and work in Tehran.

I want to be able to live and work in Tehran. My reason is just because I love everything about Iran.

It sounds good, dear Ely, come to tehran , if you want when you come here I can help you with any problem you have in Tehran

Salam! Chetouri, khoobi?! (hello how are you ?)
Kheily mamnoon! (thank you very much)
Anyway, hopefully soon and wish I could find a job so that I could stay for a long time.

I want to work and settle in Iran too. Am well versed with English and French. Can anyone guide me please. Thanks :)


That was a good news that you are interested in Iran :) Please provide us with more information about yourself including your skills, major and degree, favorite job, age and etc. They would be helpful. There are some recruitment agencies and websites which you can use to apply and send your resume. "" is one of them. Having a quick glance at this site will give a perspective. Once you decide to come please let me know to guide you as much as possible.

Hi dear,
                  Thank you for replying. I am posting my CV below, please have a look and let me know what are my scope in Iran. I am also motivated to learn Farsi if ever I get the chance to work in Iran. I hope to get a response from you.Thank you.             


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Hi vishwanee neerunjun > you should post your cv/resume to recruitment agencies for exemple as mentioned before. You can also create your cv in the job in Tehran section.

Thank you and good luck.

Hi Christine,
                    Thank you :)

Hi! your love for Iran is very precious, but if you specify your interest more clear  I can help you more,

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