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HI im yna,,,\
    Im currently working as a staff nurse here in Saudi Arabia and i wish to work in Canada if its possible...would you help me? plss.

Hi yna123,

Welcome to! :)

I invite you to download our expat guide in Canada here >

All the best,

Hi im a pharmacist and I would like to find work in is the job scope there? Is there demand for the pharmacist job?

I'm natural resource manager in Ethiopia I need natural resource management work in America who was the suggested natural resource work maker.

Hi Yna

Thanks for you mail. From which country origin. If you have good education/Nursing Diploma, some work experience, young age with some IELTS score, then you can be qualified continue live and work or Canada  immigration visa as a skilled worker. Do you have any idea about Express Entry 2015 Canada. Also by job search you can be Canadian employer direct or by some Canadian recruitment agency. If you have any question feel free mail.

Have a lovely day.

According to the work information I text some hint for my interest of work with Canadian so I need a  facilitator by considering my educational level ,work experience such as bachelor degree in natural resource management and soil fertility management expert in Ethiopia respectively. So my profile is necessary I send for necessary body.


I am currently looking to further study and have gained my ECDL and was planning on taking my MOS exams, I'm lead to believe that this is recognised in Canada and can lead to a good placement is: data clerk

However I'm concerned that I may need to further apply myself in order to really get the best, is there a subject that I should also take or perhaps in another field???

Any advise would be greatly appreciated as I'm desperate to start making my dream a reality!

Also my partner is a qualified carpenter (not joinery) and part qualified marine engineer (40 foot) grit blaster and Car sprayer

Is there anything we can do education wise to enhance our working visa prospects

Many thanks guys

i like to work

Hi Follow Express Entry 2015 Canada or check

Hi, My is Zafar Ahmed Khan.I am looking for a job Cook. Seafood, Italian and Greckfood restaurant. I have  4years  work experience  in Canada Montreal.

Mr Zafar

you already in Canada it will be very easy Restaurant job find i guess. Just search Restaurant/Cook job in Montreal or contact Canadian local recruitment agency. Hope it help full for you.

Hi Faruque Khan, I am looking for a job in retail stores like supermarket Etc,I have total 9 years experience with three years experience of overseas experience. Any suggestions....

Hi Thanks for your reply. Can you tell your education and where you study. Are you in Bangladesh/Canada. Please feel free tell then  i can give some advise . you can call me

Hi, I am Zafar Ahmed Khan
.I have  finished my school1993 S.S.C 1st divesion. 1995 H.S.C 2nd division. And1997 DEGREE  Refard.


If you have  completed your masters and IELTS score 6 in all band may be qualified for high skilled worker. If you don"t have i am not sure you  can apply. The best way if you can arrange job offer from Canadian employer then hope u can move. For job arrange can contact Canadian recruitment agency or  Immigration consulting firm .

  I am john Kennedy
I am from India
State Karnataka
City Bangalore.560005

I work ed in  puma as a custember sarvic...

Au bon pain cafe an cafe coffee day ,

  I am john Kennedy I am liveing karnataka bangalore,now I am working in a Road runner food delviery ...
An pervious experience in puma as team member customers service 2yrs...

Restarunt filled; cafe coffee day as store in charge in 2yr 7 month,,,
                           ; au bon pain as shift in charge,,,,,

I like to setdeal my family in a reang....

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