Want to know my iqama issued or not?

I am new here want to know my iqama is issued or not how can i check this ?

go to MOI website and register via Absher service , after your registeration your full details will be there


While registration need of ikama number .. and i dont have .. i want to know ikama number ?

you can search by your iqama # , passport # or border #. check your inbox for the link.


please guide to know my iqama issued or not


Dear Sir,

Kindly tell me the steps to know whether iqama issued or no by using border number

a message should pop out in your mobile, if your SIM is also registered with your iqama that Iqama/ now called Moqeem card has been issued, so check the sms on your mobile time to time. Good luck

U can log in electronic services and see the Iqama copy no.
I should increased by one
If so it's ready in the system and wait for it to be printed

i ask my iqama i.d if untel nw issued or not. or cancel or not.thanks! dis is my iqama no.xxx

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I have a cousin  who arrives to saudi last year but unti now  . He has no iqama ..how to check if iqama is issued or not  using passport number.?i hope you  could help us .. thanks

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