Where to live?

Me boyfriend and my 10 year old are considering relocating to Thailand. We want to live by the beach and also have close access to local markets. Good air quality. Clean. Internet access. And of course safe. Any feedback is appreciated!

I think your priority should be more about finding a good and affordable international school for your kid ...

I'm not concerned with schooling. Thank you. We will be homeschooling.  :)

you can try searching this area
- Hua hin
- Phuket
- Krabi
- Ao Nang
- Phang Nga / Khao Lak

Raineandpaul :

We want to live by the beach and also have close access to local markets.

This is easy to find as stated in previous post, it can be on an island like Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan.... or on mainland like Hua Hin, Pattaya, ....

Raineandpaul :

Good air quality. Clean. Internet access. And of course safe.

Now this become more complicated, haze in Phuket, burning land from others neighbouring countries ( past experience with tsunami, etc... ), Pattaya personally I will not live there for safety reason and bad quality of water, many go far to have a bath in the sea... and bad reputation...

At the end look more for Hua Hin and Koh Samui,,,, Koh Phangan ok but no airport yet there ( more nature ),..... but Koh Samui have many expats, tourists and foreigners,,, depend what you want also,,, price on island will be more expensive too compare with those in mainland....

Thank you I will start there!


We lived in Phuket for 5 years, Beautiful beaches, international schools and easy access to Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. You can still get reasonably priced rental accommodation and of course like the rest of Thailand there are deals to be had on buying property. We originally rented and then bought through CBRE. They were great to deal with.

@ Claresmith1968 > Can you please recommend this agency in the Thailand business directory ?

Thank you

Priscilla  :cheers:

I would recommend this island called Koh Lanta which is perhaps lesser known than many of the islands already mentioned but Lanta has a lot to offer a family as detailed below:

1. Beautiful beaches, long Beach

2. Good numbers of expats on island. A lot of Swedish who have excellent English.

3. It's fairly big and offers a close knit community as well as more secluded areas.
• saladan is main town but the island is pretty big with loads to see and do and there are many little towns and markets and smaller sub town communities.

4. Development is moving quickly first time I visit in 2010 a ferry or speed boat were the only options to reach island but last time I went I see they were building a large bridge to join the island with the mainland. Not sure if it is built yet but if not definitely very soon.

5. Safety - the only problems I ever heard about on that island are isolated incidents involving scooters tourists and alcohol and they were very few and far between.

6. Schooling - they have 1 international school on the island for children 1.5 years upto 12. Noted this is not required for the OA.

7. It's not party central it has a nightlife crowd but it's pretty relaxed.

8. It's reachable by airport - aprox 2 hours from krabi town airport.

9. You can also get there via trang which is nearest train station - aprox 2 hours from trang via frequent minibuses at trang centre  ( can also get off at surat thani and get minibus to krabi, this from my experience took longer than trang but trang is after surat thani on the train route.

10. Air quality is fresh, overall quality of life I think is very good, the one thing i noticed over the 5 years I visited so far has been the retention of people on the island, the same people year after year, that says a lot to me.

The independent newspaper in uk voted lanta as one of the must see places last year so interest is growing as are developments, it is very different to many islands in my opinion and was more family orientated hence more relaxing.

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