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Hi, Is there anyone out there who has had any dental work done at any of the dental clinics in San Jose? Especially implants. I've been in touch with the Meza Clinic in Barrio Tournon and they seem very professional. Hope to hear from someone. Thanks, Bruce Hibbs  -   Block Island, Rhode Island  USA

here's the extent of my dental experience here in San Jose:
http://julieandrickincostarica.blogspot … -have.html

thanks Julie

I have a guesthouse specializing in Dental & light Medical Tourism so I have been doing LOTS of research on Medical/Dental Tourism in Costa Rica for over 4 years & helped MANY MANY people coming for that.  Also, Customer Service & QUALITY are what’s MOST important to me so when I write - I have more than just 1 experience from where I share information!!

Finding a dentist over the internet is VERY RISKY!!!  I’ve found a couple of the ones that are most prevalent on the net are ones that I wouldn’t go to if someone paid for them for me (due to MANY complaints from ACTUAL people that have gone to them.  People have VARIOUS ways to get higher rankings.  One of the MOST visual ones is one I wouldn’t go to if someone paid for my WHOLE mouth as I’ve heard from MANY MANY people - he’s a saddest [or is it a masochist?]). 

There are THREE areas that you do NOT want to scrimp/penny pinch on - Implants, Crowns & Root Canals.  With Crowns - if you’re bite is just SLIGHTLY off, it can TOTALLY mess up your WHOLE bite/jaw/facial structure!!!  Implants - lets just say I wouldn’t want to have a do-over on that!!  Root Canals, very few dentists do that because they are NOT easy to get the whole thing so going to a specialist, to me, is CRUCIAL!!!

One thing to REALLY remember is you often get what you pay for.   

A question I like to ask people of THEIR experiences is - “IF your mom is still alive (& you have a GOOD relationship with her) - who would you send her too - or your kids??” (I find we often we’ll send mom or our kids to someone better than we would ourselves). 

Before starting to share this information, over 20 people shared their TOTALLY POSITIVE info with me for Dental Implants - HANDS DOWN - based on QUALITY (he guarantees his work for LIFE [because he trusts in his quality!!]), sensitivity to pain/WONDERFUL bedside manner (trust me, there are some REAL sadists here!!) & so far, ALL the other dental associates, technicians, equipment & staff were AWESOME - & based on who I’ve CONSISTENTLY heard the BEST feedback on from REAL people:

Dr. Arnoldo Anglada
from U.S.-1-954/703-5010 / aanglada[at]

Dr. Arnoldo Anglada
He’s also:
• Professor of University Latina de Costa Rica
• Costa Rican Board of Oral Surgeons member
• One of the ONLY 3 CERTIFIED Specialists in Dental Implants in the country
• 14 years of experience. More than 5000 implants placed.
• International Association for Dental Research member
• Iberoamerican Academy of Oral Implantology member.

The General Dentist Anglada works with for all other work (who’s also THE MOST METICULOUS with crowns [CRUCIAL that they’re lined up PERFECTLY as a mis-aligned crown could lead to a serious shift in your bite+++]):
Dr. Eduardo Castro

San Jose-Sabana-Sud/South: 1 block South of McDonald's/Zen Store at the SouthEast end of Sabana Park & the Pista (highway) - The yellow-ish building on the corner - 2nd Fl. (Anglada - 2-232-0105 / 2-232-1872.  Castro - 2-290-2121)

Pozos de Santa Ana/Lindora:  Anglada (Thurs.) - 2-203-4747 / 2-203-4746.  Castro (Tues.) - 2-203-5959): In Boulevard Lindora Shopping Center
(my place is sort of between the two locations)

Tell Arnoldo that Vicki shared his info with you!!

If you're having a challenging time getting in, tell them Vicki shared the info with you.  So far, EVERYONE's gotten in FAST!!!

Let me know if I can be of assistance to you!!

Vicki in Escazu

Wow! No one even thanked you for that incredible post??? I am thanking you so much. Great info. I was wondering if I dared to have dental work done there but now I feel more comfortable.

Thank you & blessings to you,

Thanks for the great information on dental care. Can you give me a idea of the charges for implants?

I agree, great info Vicki.

I got upper and lower removable bridges with my wife's dentist, best fit I've had and for $700 or so. Crowns, implants, and root canals are referred to a 'specialist'.

A friend is doing the works (no implants) in David for $3500, will advise on how it comes out.

No reason to fear medical or dental work in CR or Panama, just avoid the low-ball prices and if you have no references - don't be the first.


THANX Dee for the kudos!  FYI regarding some fears around coming to CR to get dental work (a VERY COMMON fear), I can't tell you how MANY people I've known that come to COSTA RICA to UN-DO that bad work done in the U.S.!!

dinad, it's not that easy as there are SOOOO MANY variables depending on YOUR mouth/needs but most people I know say they're saving 40-60% on average from the U.S.

I have another guest with me right now (I have a guest house but alas, I've decided to close my doors as of July 18 since it's just so slow) that was looking at a few dentists (including some that are mentioned above) that after me sharing info/experiences regarding Anglada - he realized the advantages of spending a few $s more.

First off, Anglada gave him SIX options AND most of the other dentists he had talked to told him he needed ALL his teeth pulled & Anglada said NO WAY that he did not need even 1/2 of what the other dentists were suggesting!!  He's been in awe of the level of customer service he's received from Anglada just in the phone calls, VERY detailed description of the 6 different options & REALLY worked with him!!  He starts the procedure Monday & he's feeling SOOOO MUCH more confident!!!!

His office waiting room is ultra basic but the equipment is not (I'm personally WAYYYY suspect when an office/the surface is too fancy as SOMETIMES they're hiding less than great other stuff).

Vicki in Escazu

Hi Vicki,

You post was very helpful. What do you know about orthidontia (braces) in CR? My 14 yr old daughter needs braces.


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