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I'm looking for something rural, and beachfront that also has good internet.   Is that even possible?  Just seems impossible. Does anyone know if Tablas Island is a good safe place for an expat to live?  Was looking at some huts on the beach that seemed perfect, but after researching the company renting I became alarmed.   Does anyone know if Chris Beck is reputable?   There is a lot of bad information regarding him on the Internet.

I have dealt with Chris Beck bought shares in the Tablas Farn Project and shares  of land in the Sunset Beach Resort and found him to be straight and honest

Thank you Dinky

You may find some negetive press about Chris on the internet however its mostly over management of the Farm in Tablas. Chris has been involved from the beginning a nd is well aware of the issues. Meet him talk to him and judge for yourself..

I read some stuff about that, but the concern I had involved court documents with an extensive list of major crimes in multiple countries including escaping from a prison in Norway before changing his name and moving to Phillipines to avoid extradition.   Multiple land schemes and credit fraud, heroin smuggling and more.

Where did you read that?

Wow. That would bring "some negative press" to a whole new level !!

I read it in Chicago tribune.   Also in an Italian newspaper and Norwegian paper.   Since 1986 when he escaped from prison in Norway he has been a fugitive.   I was looking at his hermit crab huts on Tablas and was trying to get details because they seemed to good to be true.   All I did was Google: Chris Bech Phillipines and I found a lot of scary information.  The island seemed perfect except for there was no information regarding Internet.   I sent the company renting the huts an email asking about the speed and reliability of Internet services and received a response in broken English from an occupant of another hut saying it was slow, and very unreliable "as is most of the Phillipines" according to this person.   Couple hours later I got a response from Chris himself saying Internet was very good and within a month there would be high speed wifi throughout the island as a friend of his from Boracay was going to set it up.  That, along with them trying to sell me property instead of renting kind of stuck out as strange since I know I'm not allowed to own land in Phillipines as an expat.   If you look up his name in Google you will see he and his partners are involved in multiple lawsuits as of late.   That lead to me discovering his entire history and basically being afraid of the Phillipines as a whole since he is friends with governor and the police and the level of corruption.   He is supposedly "selling" land and then never gives the title to the land.   When the expats complain he has his government friend imprisoned or  deported.  When he is confronted about the stories from Norway on his website he claims it was his half brother (who is now dead) stealing his name.  I don't believe everything I read but there is just too much frightening information.  Where there is smoke there is fire.

Have to retract what I stated, some of what you have may be true.

lol ,, check this link … p_activity


Please avoid any actual claims against this man unless you have rock solid evidence such as police wanted notices or something equally damning.

Chris Bech

Some real interesting reads. They are in Norwegian, but a quick run through Google translate will give you a good idea of what you would be dealing with. That this is the same Chris Bech as the one in Tablas has been confirmed with the Norwegian Embassy, the Philippines DOJ and the NBI.

Hi out there, Good Day
TABLAS ISLAND Romblon Philippines
Anyone Lucky enough to find this Raw undeveloped island of nature Tablas Island in the Philippines 40 minutes direct flights now from Manila are truly Blessed
There have been some negative write ups about some locals however I suggest you come here and find out yourself don't let the negatives take away from a truly wonderful place that will prosper in time and now is the time while land prices are low about 1000_2000 pesos a sq M is now while Boracay you will pay 30,000-60,000 and the place is now overrun Don't go there if you require peace and tranquility
As for me an expat Aussie in my late 60s have found my Paradise on Tablas Island up North at Calatrava PAKSI Cove Resort and they are now selling beach villas there from an incredible $49,000usd  already to move in on the best beaches I have ever seen
Regards James

Hi Austin, I saw your post and yes it is alarming however don't let  one bad experience stopping you from what you had already thought you had found.  Chris beck is only 1 individual  and I am sure the truth will come out soon either way as the Philippines is big on slander without much evidence I don't know if all the reports are true or have merit so just steer clear of that and you won't have a problem
Tablas Island is Natures Paradise on Earth so get here now before prices skyrocket  I can help you look and advise as I. Have lived here now for over a year and stayed all around the island completely  email me direct Mate and I will chat more
Regards xxx

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Good advice. I know a pile of people there and they all say the same about Tablas As for Chris Bech, good advice as well. All the allegations against him will come out in the wash one way or another. Just best avoid dealing with him until it does.

I don't know if you are seeking travel to Romblon but the latest post for this is old and I have had direct experience with Chris Bech et al! So here goes!
Firstly, let me state that Romblon islands , more particularly, Tablas Island is beautiful in comparrison to MANY other islands I have been to and some of the waters that surround there are MAGNIFICENT in cleanliness and junk free as far as I travelled and stayed there. Please do not be put off by the islands, they are well worth more than a visit!
Now, not to blacken ones name or character, my dealings with this man were rather unpleasant in the end. He started out by befriending me with a stay at his beachfront resort (Tablasfun) there I drank loads of booze with him and his associates, was introduced to local authoritive figures and shown around the islands to his empire that he has sucked away from locals for 'peanuts' but wants 'gold' in return for! He gloated how he paid local poor people 10 pesos PSM for land he acquired from them and sells for 1000's PSM NOW! He cited all the Filipino people as stupid and gullible and many locals have trashed his pilinut lands to show their disproval of what he does. He does not care who he trainwrecks to get what he wants! There are clearly axes to grind with him and I almost emparted money to him had I not heard and seen those things that alarmed me greatly with him and his dealings. I have pictures, video etc with him to prove any contact etc with him but I will not reveal my identity to anyone for fear of reprisals!
Now, having said that, he has made contributions to a hospital on Tablas and to road infrastructure but these are all sweeteners to the governer and mayor there for building projects and security for himself. The man is very dodgy at best and extremely manipulative and dangerous at worst. Do not let my little story put you off that beautiful island! As one guy wrote, go north and stear clear of the resort's south unless you want to sample him and his character yourself, but under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, AGREE TO BUY INTO HIS IDEAS, PROPERTY OR PROJECTS, they are all tinged with something fishy and his cohorts are all into his empirical domain so beware of those who he introduces you to as well!

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