al salam hospital riyadh

Salam.. Hi..
Is anyone here know or have any idea about al salam hospital riyadh... The hospital is opening soon.. Is anyone here hv been interview or got job offer from al salam hospita.? Tq...

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Hi I was hired in the said hospital,

Hi.. Thanks for yr respond. I also got offered from alsalam hospital.. Unfortunately, im pregnant..😌☺️...

Congrats on your pregnancy

What I know we are the supplier of food items and  yes they are opening soon because  asked for some items.
If required more information can be collected.

is this a new hospital in riyadh? by the way congratulation

Hi anyone can tell tge salary range for staff nurse 1 ER/ charge nurse ER in al salama medical group of companies? Really appreciate an honest answer😊

i am going to work also in this hospital,, may i ask how many bed capacity is the hospital?
its not stated in their profile

Hello this said Hospital is ministry of health. Any trasfer to ur Hospital can be possible or swapping. Im willing to make exchange thanks. I am in riyadh too but 1 hours from city i want in city main i cannot go out for reason that i am not couple

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