which region is better for living + type of property to invest in

Hello! I`m really glad to be here and hope to find a lot of interesting people, new friends and useful tips, of cource.
In a couple words: I live in Moscow and plan to obtain some property in Spain (that is much more cheap there). Someday I hope to move Spain on permanent basis. I`d like to start from some conclusion which region is better for living, what tipe of property is more interesting from the investments point of view.
If anyone has an advice for me, please share it!

Hello Paul, if you are looking at purchasing property abroad, can I suggest you use First Rate FX? I used this company when I purchased my property and not only are their Exchange Rates excellent, they also don’t charge any fees to transfer your money. Good luck in your search.

You can invest in what you want, house, flat, industrial units, shops etc
Things are picking up for some reason but I do not understand why, still a lot of economic problems in Spain.
Maybe read this blog to see what interests you.

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