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Hi, my name is Julie, from England,  my husband and myself (both 49 years old),  are wanting to give up our jobs here in England, rent our house out and move to Pattaya, we have visited Pattaya for the last 10 years on a holiday. We think we have the visa's sorted as we will be 50 next Sep.  Can anyone give me advise on Health Insurance, we are fit at the moment, but we need cover for illness or accident, I know that you can take private insurance out, but it gets complicated when looking at the price if you go to hospital, you pay for room. nurse, food, everything down to  a newspaper,  could you advise what sort of insurance we should get ??  also would like to hear from other English expats, who have done the same as us, is it affordable, can we do it with our savings ,  Thanks for reading , Julie

Hi Julie,

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if you don t already have a bank account in Thailand one at Kasikorn bank a  b  ( Farang friendly )
and ask them..... they sell insurance and they can explain everything in details ( it s called PROTECT here not insurance ) 
that s what i did
medical is very good here and also cheap

Thank you for your reply, no we have not set bank account up yet, we will have to do that when we move over, and deposit the funds which are needed.

The Kbank insurance Health policy is only for people married to a Thai or someone with a valid work permit, try 7 Corners or best deal I've found is Worldwide Expats Association policy you can Google the 2 mentioned above

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PS: open bank account is no need for making this health insurance kha. :D

You have to be careful and read the details closely, most of these Thai based plans have very low total cover 300,000 or 400,000 baht and limit how much a surgeon is paid in the 20,000 to 30,000 baht range which will not even cover a simple hernia surgery for Farang, you will be out 100,000's of thousands of baht if you need a complex surgery like brain or back surgery. Plus there is no cancer cover on most of these cheap plans... My friend had an aortic aneurysm and his total hospital costs was over 3 million baht. Plus the insurance will not cover existing health issues, and if you currently taking medication for high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure, they will 'exclude' you from any cover if you have a heart attack or stroke or anything to do with your heart or blood vessels. if you mention the meds on the application they will exclude you and you'll end up buying expensive accident insurance disguised as health insurance, and the agent will not tell you this in advance.

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