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Does anyone have any info on when and where English speakers might gather? I've been in Varna for a few months and don't hear English spoken much and wonder if there are certain places expats gather?


Hello, i would like to find this kind of group of people also.  if you will find it, please let me know. thanks

Hi, I want to join a group like this although I am not a native speaker. I live in Sofia but I travel often to Plovdiv during the weekends and would meet you with pleasure.

Hello, i live in varna  , so you will have to find somebody in sofia. i looked  for  english speaking group  in varna, but unsuccessfully .. ok. wish you luck

Me too....I'm not sure where those who speak English or who want to practice English are hiding???  I'd sure like to know if you find any one or any gatherings......

I am living in Plovdiv too, german native speaker, but looking for people to meet, so english, french, spanish would all be fine for me as well. I would love to get in contact...

I'm in Plovdiv, have an office super center and am always up for meeting new people that have also chosen to take on the adventure of being in Bulgaria. Who wants to have coffee during the day? My usual hangout is Art News Cafe.


I'm in Varna..looking to find some places that have live music..any chance anyone knows of any places....I've given up in English speakers in Varna...i m starting to believe it's too much a resort town....

Club Vintage 33 regularly has decent live music in Varna. It is underneath the indoor stadium 115 Knyaz Boris the 1st--- next to the sea garden and hotel dimyat. They get a mix of everything- mostly rock--- occasionally foreign groups. Also, last winter they were doing a weekly social swing dance if you are into that. Overall it is pretty chill and my go-to when I am in Varna.

Good evening. .  .that would  be great to meet  all this  english speaking people, but i live in Varna. if somebody want to speak by skype, i will be happy to . all the best, Inna

Hey people I'm new in Plovdiv, be nice to meet with some English people/speakers

sorry, but i live in Varna. good lack

Hi Ally, I'm Jeff and I live in Plovdiv too. Pls message  me if you would like to meet up-  you can find me on FB ( Jeff Thomas Plovdiv ) should get me.

You should try the FREE bar ,its located on the cross road of peshtersko shose and vasil aprilov**

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I usually hear a lot of English on "Vitoshka" in Sofia, there are foreigners almost in every coffee shop on that street it seems. Also I know JJ Murphys is an expat hangout but again that's in Sofia. Summer is coming and there will be more English speaking people on the BG coast than Bulgarian in a very short time :)

English speakers in Varna congregate at Sundogs Bar, in the centre.
English football fans watch the football at The 3 Lions (close to the centre).

Sundogs is a pub type restaurant which is frequently visited by UK expats. Sunday evening's in summer usually has quiz night run by Brit , and everyone gets a prize ! Located opposite Home base offices near main school in centre of Varna
Good luck , Brian

Yes, the popular Sundogs quiz is on a sunday. (Every 2 weeks)
Every table wins a bottle of plonk.
Fortnightly quiz, not weekly.

Anyway, yes, that is generally the pub where Brits congregate throughout the summer.
Apart from when the football is screened.

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