Resignation During Probation Period! Flight Ticket!

Hey guys, i need advice and help. So i came to bahrain to work and there became a few changes in the workplace that i didnt like so i started to think about resigning. Now after i resigned i asked if the company will pay the ticket back but they said no. I am curently waiting in the accomodation they provided with no plan i have no money for the ticket and in my contract it clearly states during my probation period i will not be charged by any way of wages. And if they terminate me they send me back but if i resign why should it be different they gave me that option and the company should be prepared if i want to resign. What do you guys think will happen they took my passport for security and said i am still part of the company and you are our problem and that i have to wait in the accomodation until i buy a ticket. But i dont have the money for the ticket the last money i have im spending on food Now what will happen will i be stuck in the accomodation or what?

Check with LMRA

Contact details for LMRA are available in this link

good luck!


Hi sir i joined a company on 14 march 2017. I am in a probation period of three months. I want to resign from the company as i don't  like the working environment. Just want to ask how much notice period i have to give and also if any amount i have to pay to the company.

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