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My name is Lorena González,

I am a recruiter consultant working for Adecco, which is a very well known Human Resources company. We are currently recruiting people for positions in Front Office and Back Office (Call Center, Accountants...) for one of our most important customers. We are looking for people who want a stable employment and also with languages ( English and Spanish required and also a third language as: French, Flemish, Danish and German ) If you feel you could be interested and you want to know more about our project, please contact me. I will be really glad to meet you.

Kindest Regards, Lorena González.

Hi Lorena Gonzalez,

It would be great if you can also post an ad in the jobs in Spain section as well in order to raise your chances.

I also invite you to get subscribed in the business directory > Recruitment Agencies in Spain. :)



Dear All,
My name is Martine, I am an architect, I graduated last year and moved to Madrid as I completed a three months internship at one of the local firms. I learned basic Spanish as well , and being fluent in English, French and Arabic it wasn't hard for me to communicate there.
I am currently living in Lebanon, i got a job here with a fair income, however I am thinking of moving back to Madrid and enroll at Polytechnica in a 6 months course called Development Cooperation in Precarious Human Settlements.
Basic Habitability Instruments that lasts from January 2016 to June 2016. The only problem is that I cannot be dependent on my parents and I need to find a paid internship that will cover my basic human needs. I am a guest member of Rotaract Club Byblos (my city) and a volunteer architect in ODDD - ( organisation de developement durable) working towards sustainable cities in partnership with UNESCO.

If anyone is aware of any opportunity please let me know, as it will be my only key into moving back to Spain.

I am from india .I am looking for a job .I Have graduation can speak English and Hindi.
If any please rply

I  am interested .i am in Qatar .how can i apply ?

Hola Lorena.
.                   I am currently living in mataro, Barcelona and I have been looking for a position like the positions you have offered. I am very good on the phone and have a lot of managerial experience. I would love to have a chat with you. My telephone number is ***. My email is ***
Kind regards
Ross Conner.

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I wish you would contact me... **.  I would like to hear you tell me that you´re interested in finding someone university educated who also does not WANT TO BE AN ENGLISH TEACHER!!!  Looking forward to hearing from you.

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My name is Margarita Reyes. I currently lived in California and I saw you posting, I know its from two years ago but I was wondering if for any chance you have opening available. I bilingual in english and spanish. If you would like to contact by email or phone number  *** & *** you are more than welcome.


Margarita Reyes

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Hello Margarita, your email is blocked. You can contact me throught my web, [link moderated]
Thank you

carolinasancho :

Hello Margarita, your email is blocked. You can contact me throught my web, [link moderated]
Thank you

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Romaniac Experts Team

I am very much interested in employment; my career is accounting background. I have 16years experience. I can be contacted further to discuss my resume.

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