delay in employment Permit

Hi forum,

I am waiting for my employment permit to Zambia. It was applied in the first week of September 2015. As on date (30th September), it is still under process.

Is it normal delay for everyone? Is there anyway to sort it out?

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Mine took a year, which is not uncommon. Just be patient, things here do take time. Get a phone number for someone in immigration and keep checking with them every few weeks. In the meantime, be prepared to get your renewal notice / order restamped several times!

Hi Gopal,

the immigration department currently seems to have a backlog of approvals and issuances as far as employment permits go. I'll be down there later today to follow up on some applications for some of our clients. Will let you know if they have any movement as far as late September applications are concerned.



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did you got your visa Mr gopal.,,., my permit is applied on June 15th which got rejected and recently they have appealed still there is no updates just waiting and no response .,. i have worked in many countries in Africa never faced any issues as such

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