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Looking for recommendations or suggestions.  I'm healthy, over 40 and have travel insurance, but am looking to stay in HCMC for a long time and trying to figure out if I should continue to do the travel insurance thing, or look into a more comprehensive policy for general check ups, etc.  Starting my search and figured I'd try this.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Did you pay your air ticket with a credit card.  Some credit cards give up to 6 months insurance.

Bao Viet here give expat health insurance for very reasonable cost.   HSBC are the company behind that.  Also this site offers expat health insurance.

Hi Yogi,

Is the Expat health insurance offered here better than the standard Vietnamese health insurance?

Eg: Can you also go to private hospitals, or still just the state ones?

Hi Mike,

If you have determined to stay here for a long time. You can opt to have a long-term comprehensive health insurance (for expat)  from local providers with a much better price than the international providers.

Lxx and Bxx offer quite reasonable coverage and  medical check-up up to 3,000,000 VND. You can go to every hospital and clinics in their coverage area, they also have a wide direct-billing medical providers list where you don't need to pay first and claim back.

However, one of the thing you should consider when go with these local providers is that their renew premium would be determined on your value of claim in the year. If you have a big claim, you will expect to pay more for the next year premium and even have some disadvantage co-payment conditions applied.

International providers like Ixx have higher premium and benefit, but they they will not skyrocket your renew premium even if you have had a big claim. Because they apply a small increase for every people other than just the individual one who had high claim ratio.



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Hi Guys,
We are making final arrangements to move to Vn permanently...
The one thing we are not happy about is the cost of health insurance, we are being quoted $1,500 plus per month. Are there any companies you could recommend other than a UK outfit and BUPA in Australia...
Are there any Vn companies covering Vn health insurance only...
Thanks, Mike...

michaellieptourists :

... we are being quoted $1,500 plus per month.

For $1500 a month you could self insure.  Unless you are sure that you are soon to have a heart attack, just put aside a few million VND every month and just cover your bills that way.   I don't know about AU but maybe you could just return for elective operations.

Just google
It's a travel insurance policy in Australia that covers 2 people in Vietnam for 12 mths @$1500 PA.     
Unlimited medical cover included.  The policy needs to be taken before you leave.

If you just want medical cover only its $1200

Have a look at it.  It may be what you want.

As Yogi said, Bao Viet which is the government owned insurer is fine. You can get the full package for premium cover, which covers other Asian countries and evacuation for about 30 million a year per person. You can use the hospitals they list or the hospital of your choice.

Hi Guys, thanks for all of your advice...
Yogi's idea was food for thought, I contacted World Nomads that we have used for travel insurance, they will insure annually at a reasonable rate...
So that settles that problem...
Thanks, Mike...

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You should check for those international clinic/hospital in HCMC (i.e. Family Medical Practice or French Vietnam Hospital (FV Hospital) etc.) where have strong line of international insurances, they might cover the insurance you are carrying. Otherwise, check out local high standard clinic for checkup package, not too expensive for one or twice a year, around USD100 - USD150/full checkup package.

Check out YERSIN International Clinic ( or Victoria Healthcare International Clinics for reference.



Does anybody use the Cigna's Health insurance policy in VN ? … -insurance

If so, please share your experience & knowledge - pro & con - which I will be very appreciated.



If you need info on good expat health insurance, try

Kind regards

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