Looking for a guide ?

I'm looking for someone, that has lived there for a while, that would help me get started looking for a home to rent. I'm retired Military but am 45 and want to explore(a little). Maybe find a place to rent and just help me with all the info needed. I would be happy to compensate you for your time, and we can have some fun too.(beers).. I was planning on leaving here on Oct 14th to the 24th.  Fellow vet hit me back.. or anyone that would like to help a Veteran out. :)

Hello 1991Recon!

To increase chances to find an accommodation, I invite you to drop an advert in the Housing in Panama section of the site.

This will surely help


Where in Panama do you plan to look?

Check out
Amazing service from Neil and Denise. They arranged transportation, exploration and real estate info for me last week.
They are a secure transportation company with invaluable resources. Ex-pats hailing from Canada and just great people!
Let them know Allyson sent you there way!

I dont know if you get this on time but i can help you out. Message me through the site or you can email me *************

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my Web. security says this is a corrupted site.    Just letting you know.

Hi pgiamos
Pls contact me at *** re tour guide in Panama

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