looking for a tennis partner

I am an advanced tennis player (level 5) which is looking for a partner to play with. Please let me know if you want to hit preferably after 6pm.


Hello Nicola and welcome on board

I invite you to check out adverts from other tennis players seeking partners in our section :

> Sport partners in Muscat

You may also drop an advert there so as to better spread the word amongst those who are subscribed.


I would be interested. Are you in Al Khuwair?

Cheers,  Shuva

Hello Shuva,

I sent you a private message. Did you get it?


Hi, I would like to play tennis competitively. If you are interested, we can set a time accordingly.
Good luck

Nicola, Shuva,

I put in an advert for advanced players a while ago and always interested to connect with other players at a similar level so that a network can be arranged or used for people to fill in. I usually play at Dolphin Village or Al Hayat Centre on Friday and Monday nights and started playing also on Thursday at Muscat Holiday Hotel. Ideally a network of 6-8 players is good for reliable and regular hits. The weather at night is now just wonderful.

Maybe you can join us for our next hit (during this week in the evening) and see if it is something that suits you. You would be most welcome.


Yes definitely. Please let me know how I can reach you out. My mobile phone is 94157418

I would like to join. My number is 91340015.
We had a good group of 20 players in Calgary in Canada,

OK, will call you soon to arrange. Are you mobile? have transport to get to Dolphin Village or Grand Hyatt?
I will send you my number through private message.

Hey all !!

I am interested in playing tennis. Let me know when you guys meet up, so I could join up as well.


Hi...I would also be interested. Please let me know can join. I have access to a court also

Hello Samjad15 :cheers:

For info, you are participating on a thread inactive for nearly a year. You may not get any response.

If you are looking for a tennis partner, you could drop an advert in the appropriate section of the site :

> Sport partners in Muscat


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