EP Pending for more than 10 working days


Thanks for the information, I really hope it is 2 months, as we waited long enough already. Anyway, we will let you know as soon as my husband's pass is approved. His application is turning 2 months this 25.07.2016.

Let's hope for the best!


beppi :

There is no maximum time for EP processing. The longest I heard of was 2 months.

Well in this case, you have an update, because one of my colleague's friend is waiting since 27 April 2016 & still it is in pending state. :D

Depends on criteria or yardsticks taken at MoM for each individual's.

One of my friend who is into same field as mine (asset management) his company applied in first week of July and he got renewal for 3 years within 4 days only.

So, we can't assume as MoM looks case by case.

Hello, how is the EP of everybody else. It is my first time to work in Singapore but I have more than 5 years IT experience in Philippines and I worked also in Thailand and Malaysia. My agency applied my EP back in May 26th and today, August 1 it is still pending. All the agency was telling me to wait. The bad thing is they asked me to resign immediately so I couls start 27th of June. It is just so sad coz I had to stretch my savings and I stil have to wait. The agency told me to wait til August 10 again which is disappointing. And inside info anyone?

jheff21, as you can read in this thread. At this situation you can only hope, that luck turns in your favor.

Only your agency can check with MoM the reason for pending so long. MoM may or may not respond with the reason.

Same time, you must have heard in the market, that the current situation is not good and official figure says more 3.1% people r jobless in Singapore (both Citizens and PRs), but in actual numbers are much higher as govt does not count those r doing part time or odd jobs for survival.

MoM is very strict prior issuing of EP or S pass. Wish you all the best.

Yeah thank you anyway!

Hi, what's the latest status of your EP? mine seems like yours, no further documents asked and all applications of our company are "pending" now, so I guess it's audit of company instead of individuals.

If all of your company's EP applications are pending then It's not audit of a company rather quota of the company is over as well as the field which you are applying for. MoM may list these companies who are applying over quota to hire foreigners and will make heavy penalties or fines then they will put these companies under scanner.

Hope nothing will happen with your company and you will get your EP approved. All the best.

Thank you very much! Hope so!

Hi Jack,

Any update on your EP, does the EP applied by your company are getting approved now?


Waited june to aug to no avail. My client called another agency to process my pass. Got approved within 7 days.

Thats a good news.
I am waiting for my EP approval its now 10 weeks since its in pending state.
I think i should check with my company if they have tie up with any other agency, but i am not sure abt this

MoM does not like to deal with agents - and employment agencies are also often less than honest. So that might have caused delay or rejection in your and other cases.
The procedures are so easy and straightforward that an employer might bloody well do it himself, or so MoM thinks (and I tend to agree).

Hi Niru,

hope you are doing good. Whats the status of your EP, any good news?
If yes how much time it took and how you followed up with your employer.


What is ur agency name ?

It was pending forever. now its showing withdrawn because the company has decided to withdraw it & my opportunity is gone.

Sorry to hear that niru.
For how much time your EP was in pending status

Whats the name of ur agency?

niru12345 :

What is ur agency name ?

shiv1408 :

Whats the name of ur agency?

I want to repeat here that you cannot ask an agency to apply for a Singapore work visa!
Only a company that wants to hire you and has a valid employment contract with you can apply for it, or appoint an agency to do it In this case, it's the employer's agency and they cannot charge you a fee for it - by law.
In addition, MoM does not like to deal with agents, so that alone might be a reason for slow processing.
Any agency that claims otherwise is dishonest. Many are!

Hi everyone.
To make it short, Agency A applied E pass for me and it was rejected. But the agent told me that they will appeal to MOM and I need to wait. Now, I found Agency B with new company also who can apply pass for me. Is there any conflicts that might happen if the Agency B apply pass for me while there is appeal submitted to MOM by the Agency A?

You can request the earlier company to withdraw their appeal. Then the new employer can apply your fresh application.

And, don't use word "agency" applied this or that as they do not have authority to apply pass for you, they are just post box and they work for the employers here and collect all the documents from the employer then visit MoM to submit your application. So, your pass will be applied under the employer's name only. Good luck.

My EP application is going to complete 4 months and it is still in "pending"
I had hope from new year, that may be something good will happen but the things are as it is.
My employer does not have any clue why it is pending and its other fresh EP's are in pending before me. However EP renewals and those who are on PR does nt facing any issue.

I request dear MOM to help us.

I have started looking other job options in my home country, but there is a feeling that if it EP get approved then my life would be changed and I will grow much higher in my career.


Singapore work pass processing times are reaching record lengths!
I have no idea why this is happening, but it sure tests the patience of job seekers and employers.

hi guys,
I can understand what phase you guys are going if status is showing pending
My case,
I am in here in Singapore for the last 3 yrs on S pass. my company does not have any more S pass quota so my company applied EP for me on 18th Jan and now today is 10th day and it is showing still pending.
My issue is that my S pass is getting over on 10th FEB after 15 days.
and my Ep is still pending, my hr people told me that we have applied EP so it's a fresh application it's not reneweal. so in this case also it takes more than 7 days like I am already in Singapore and my company applied for S pass to EP...

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