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Im looking ro move to Belize however i dont know how to go about looking for decent housing for rent or to buy..also is there any differance in the curency

We've been to Belize 2 times, first time to Ambergris and the second
was to Hopkins.
We liked Hoplins better and as a matter of fact we're going back this
Feb. 2016.
They will take American money almost anywhere and it's 2 Belizian
dollars per 1 American dollar. would definately suggest going down
to visit before your purchased or signed a long term rental.


Thank you you have any sugestions on where to stay when you have any other advise im open to all info i can get..thk you

we (wife) live in st augustine florida so we enjoy the beach setting,
not much into the jungle and woods. so we stayed at coconut row
last feb 2015 and we're going back to the same place this feb 2016.
we were there during their busy season so their prices are a little
higher. during the rain season (summer) the rates should be
cheaper. we just enjoy sitting on the beach in the sun or shade
reading and just enjoying what God has given us.

they also had some reality companies you might want to contact
but definately recommend going to visit before you make any
major decisons.

The beach setting is what im looking for currently living in augusta ga.Been here for about 20 yrs im born n raised in new york...ive always loved the a truck driver with a turnkey painting comp...not sure what ill do for a livin there..i hear ill need to start my own biz

i'm not an expert about getting jobs in Belize, but read somewhere
unless you have a real speciality profession the government doesn't
like people coming to their country taking away jobs that their folks
need. i would suggest contacting the government of Belize (google)
and that site should be pretty helpful.

Yes ive heard that also I wasn't really looking to get a quote on quote job I was more less looking to do something along the lines of independent in some type of way or start my own business just not sure what type of business

Hello we currently live in Puerto Rico moved here Sept 2014.  Housing prices are cheap but food prices are crazy and getting worse. Today went to the grocery store $6.89 a lb for bell peppers not including our almost 12% tax.  Interested in food cost as well as housing.   I reached out to folks on the Ecuador exblog site they told me I couldn't get a rental there for what I am paying here
We have a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom with water a cistern and a solar water tank with views of the ocean from the front and back of our place we live in the mountains but we are 10 mins from the beaches, town center and grocery store

Here is a video where I recently shared what we found for US$ 800/Mo. in San Pedro in Belize which has the highest rental and property costs. We are on the island, on the mainland this place would be one third to half the cost. There are of course cheaper and far more expensive options Hope it helps

Thank you for your reply. Is the a classified that has available rentals or does everything have to be done through a realtor?  How are food prices there?  We love it here but or is part of the US and things economically isn't great in pr .Sales taxes double in less then a year and I am afraid things are only going to get worse.  When we first moved to pr we had  3 bedroom with 1 bathroom inside and a bathroom outside. We were right on the water and had our own dock .People here trash everywhere we would spend about 3 hrs a day picking up people's trash on the dock and in the ocean .We paid $1100 a month plus utilities .Our second place was $725 a month without utilities. It was 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms on about 2 acres out in the mountains and in the boonies it took us 30 mins to get anywhere .The house was 2400sq ft with double garage .No we are at our 3 place .public education here is horrible and private is outrageous $6388 for the yr. College here is only $55 a credit.  I speak no Spanish and have tried to learn but it's a very slow process for me .
So any insight would be great. I have dedicated myself to helping expats and transplants find homes and rentals. So they aren't be changed gringo prices

Good Morning, I live in Pregrosso Heights, and I am in the bush. Although it is gated, I pay $600bzd a month. I put in my own solar hot water heater, but also turn on the electric one on occasionally. Electric bill $57bzd. I pay a $1.35 a pound for fresh chicken, and eggs are four for dollar bzd. Exact pricing on vegetables I am not sure, but two plastic bags for for $20bzd

Good Morning, I live in Pregrosso Heights, and I am in the bush. Although it is gated, I pay $600bzd a month for 2800 sq ft home. I put in my own solar hot water heater, but also turn on the electric one on occasionally. Electric bill $57bzd. I pay a $1.35 a pound for fresh chicken, and eggs are four for dollar bzd. Exact pricing on vegetables I am not sure, but two plastic bags full for $20bzd. Dutch cheese $42bzd for three pound ball. New Zealand butter $10.40bzd for 12oz. This should give you a little bit of an idea.

I got a dozen of eggs for .99 cents and chicken for .89 cent a pound. Celery .89 tomato  .99 bricoli .99 here in food is higher in Belize.

The prices the poster quoted are in Bz $ so that is half the cost of US. so not so different. I wish I could get eggs at 99c a dozen in California they are a lot cheaper here in Belize for us. Veg prices are a very changeable item as it depends on season when grown here in the season much cheaper out of season are imports so more costly.

Definitely better prices then here .1 pints of strawberries $11.89. Plus tax.

Yeah, not always 99 cents for a dozen of eggs I just watch the ads real close and bought 4 dozen last week at that price. :)

What ever happened to bartering? Wealth, riches, and prosperity isn't as much a money thing as it is Western. Just a thought. 😞

In Puerto Rico I started a barter group .My idea is back to basics

My life is about helping folks achieve. If trading for worth, helps someone without money to nourish themself. I'm in.

google belize real estate, just remember that prices will be much less than quoted on line.

The world needs more people who think like you!!

Thank goodness I learned to live with less, and share if I can

Bello my name is  Billy Poe I currently live in Wallingford Kentucky, I am married and have 2 grown children and a small grandchild that  lives with us. We are planning a trip to Belize city on April 22, 2016, will be staying  close to the Belize zoo. We will be leaving on April 29,  2016. We would like to find some property with a small house and some  land. We plan on retiring in 5 years and would like to have a property in Belize that we can spend 6 months of the year. If any of you have any advice or no of some property,  please let me know my email address is xxx.   glad to be part of the forum.


Billy Poe

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there is little in the way of consumer protection in Belize so use extra caution.  keep in mind people will way over price their real estate with the expectation of a boomer with a bunch of money in their pocket.  The best advice is to rent for a year so you can spend time casing the joint.  Some areas grow crops then others if that is your plan.

I stayed at Coconut Row two times !! I loved it both times. Clean and helpful staff!  You get coconut rum drinks upon arrival. Daily maid service They even rake all the sand on this mini resort. The view is second to none. We will be returning in 2017 for sure!!We loved our stay in Hopkins! best people in the world!! This is a diamond in the ruff for sure!!

Lydia's guesthouse in Placentia. Quiet and on the ocean. Reasonable rates. Madeline

Come to San Ignacio, rent should be 150.00 U.S and up

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