FAQ: From tourist visa to fiance per/spouse res permit while in Norway

No. You just wait for them to send it. I think after i sent the old one it just took 3-5 days when they sent everything back.

Hi! 😊 To those of you that submitted their family reunification application in Manila, did you have to authenticate your marriage certificate in dfa? Thanks 😊

Hi , 
How can my Norwegian Girlfriend helps me to have Norwegian fiancé permit if i'm living out of Norway?

How can my Norwegian girlfriend helps me to  get Norwegian fiancé permit if i'm living out of Norway?

@Hakkimo just check the udi website it is all there if you read it, from requirements to process.

If you apply for family reunification in Manila, does the embassy ask for Marriage Certificate from NSO? Or the one from Norway is enough? Thanks

I went to get the MC today and found out i have to wait 15 working days for the release. My passport appointment is this coming Thurs. I want to change my passport lastname before applying for the residency. If I won't be able to get it in time, I might just apply for the family teunification with my maiden name. Does anyone here applied for the residency using their maiden name? Did you encounter an issue? I hope you can share your experience. Thanks

When i got married here in norway and applied for residency and registration at skatteetaten it was all under my maiden name. I didn't it right away because i was thinking about my other documents in the Philippines that might need changing like my nursing license.

But then after some months i decided to cahnge my last name. In my opinion i find it easy to change the last name:

-changing name in registration in skattetaten is just like change name on social medias and it has an instant domino effect with all your public/governmental records in norway
-you can check in udi page how to order for new residence card with your new last name or you can wait for your renewal time and it is automatically changed to your new last name registereres at skatteetaten
-changing name on your passport, you can check the philippine embassy website, the challenging part on this one is you have to go to oslo in person

Hi Stephy

I just got back from Norway last weekend to apply for the fam reunification here in Manila. I really want to change my lastname in the passport right from the very start and just do the skattetateen when im back in Norway. I booked my appointment before I came to Norway 3 months ago. I been planning ahead while waiting for the availability of our MC from NSO. Before I came home I emailed PSA asking if the MC is already available and they confirmed that yes and that I can already request for it. I went there today and found out that I have to wait 15 working days before they release it. Im so furious today why is the system like that and they even confirmed to me. Another prob is the passport appointment on Thurs. If I dont have the MC as part of the requirement for change of name, they wont let me in. If dnt show up I'll be banned. The prob is the appointment was the old system and been trying to view it online to resched or cancel, its nt possible. Now I tried to check the latest available slot and its on Nov 😢. I dnt know what to do. 🙁

I understand your situation. I can't give you any advice on that since you are taking another path of process :) I just shared the options that I know if in case it will be done here in Norway. Therefore i just answered the part where you asked about those who applied residency here under their maiden name, and in my case my post earlier was what i did :)

Yes, thanks Stephy I appreciate your reply as always. I just hope someone will reply too who experienced applying here in the Philippines. Im going to go back to NSO today so pray for me please that I will get the MC. Thanks

Hello everyone just want to know someone who experience like this. I just come back from norway this august having a visit visa and
im planning to go to norway this november and my brother in law will be my guarantor again and then When i came there me and my norwegian boyfriend will apply for fiancee visa . Is it possible to do like that even my brother in law will be my guarantor again for just easiest way again to get there.

Thank you in advance :) and im willing to listen to all suggestion :) thanks.

Yes it's very possible. Once you put in the application your boyfriend will then become your reference person and he will need to prove that he earns enough to support you


Thanks for sharing your experiences here as I have found this thread informative. My situation is quite different, since its a residence card of EU/EEA partner. Would you guys know anyone who has applied for this type and how long the processing time is, based on actual experiences?

Finally, a quite menial question, but do copies of documents such as passport really need to be notarised?

Thanks in advanced!

Hi guys!
I have a 1year residence permit as a university student in Norway ,so I'm confused that can I use my study residence permit to register a self employed company in Norway? please help me.
thank you so much.

Thank you so much for the info :)
Really appreciated.
I thought there will be a problems since my brother in law will be my guarantor going there again.
but how about the process somboer visa? Or i must better stick to fiancee visa. ?

Thank you so much for the info :)
Really appreciated.
I thought there will be a problems since my brother in law will be my guarantor going there.
But to apply fiancee visa what are the imporant things we need to have ?
but how about the process somboer visa? Or i must better stick to fiancee visa. ?

Maybe you should check other threads or create a new one. This thread is a different topic from your inquiry.


The most important part in every application is the financial stability, meaning your fiance should be able to support you. Proof of this is having a job that meets the required salary.

It is always your choice what application you will take, choose whichever you think is right for you. :)

Thank you stephy you really helps a lot for my confused mind i really need to choose the better one because im pregnant ..

Jst heard some issues of my friend from norway shes asking for an any suggestion or maybe having the same instances like her so they will know what to do  . .
She is married to a norskman. They got married there in norway last june 2015 and they will have a baby soon, but still their papers is still pending because the reason from UDI her husband is married in phil to other woman before . but they are already divorced in norway but the UDI focus on phil. . They want the family visa to be approved before the baby come. 
Anyone have a suggestion or know what to do in this kind of issue? Thanks in advance. i hope they will have any solution fo this.

I got my approval last week and want to thank everyone who shared insights, experiences and valuable information along the way especially TMilimo, Stephy25 and Nadkiz007. Thank you all, considering the fact that I was to wait for 17months based on UDI waiting time, its a relief to have it in 8 months!
I have a question - the letter of approval for family reunification did not indicate the name of my son who will be going with me. I had applied earlier for fiancé permit and got married and changed it to spouse. What do I do in this case? or is it normal to indicate only the spouse?
Thanks once again.

Great news.congrats.God bless.i am not sure of ur situation.may b stephy can give that info

Thank you Nadkiz007 :)

I have no experience with this since i don't have a child yet. You can call them right a way to ask or maybe you can wait for a week to see if a separate mail arrives then call if nothinf arrives.

Dear Stephy25,

Thank you so much!!!

Hi everyone! 😊 I applied for Family Reunification on Oct 10, 2016 at VFS Manila and its been 1 week now. I haven't receive any type of communication (yet) from the embassy or UDI. I hope it will be processed here in the Philippines though and we'll have in really soon so my husband and I can go back to Norway together when he comes here for Christmas holiday.

Anyone of you here who applied recently?

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