FAQ:Getting Married on a Tourist Visa

Good day everyone,

I have been receiving numerous queries regarding this topic and i believe that since i have experienced this first hand, i may be able to provide details of the common information that one needs. This thread is for those filipinos/nas planning to take the same steps that i did, people of other countries may also use this as a guide unless of course you have formalities required by your home country prior to marriage that is beyond my knowldge. The post covers the content of skatteetaten's requirements and rules, but further explained for some clarification.

Common questions:

1. Is it possible to get married on a tourist visa?
    Answer: Yes. According to the skatteetaten an applicant must hold a legal residence or proof of legal stay(visas and permit) inside Norway during the application and the selected date of your wedding day.

2.What documents does one need to prepare?
  A. An authenticated certificate of no marriage/proof of no impediment for entering marriage that is
          not older than 4 months old after receiving it from the registry office in your country.
  B. birth certificate
  C. The couples passport must also be prepared.
  D. For those who have had divorce print and fill this up:Declaration concerning division also in cases of a divorced person outside norge make
        sure it is recognized by your county governor you can check it here County Governor Website Norway

* reminder: for questions regarding divorce please don't ask me because neither i nor my husband have had previous marriage so we have no experience or knowledge regarding this matter.
  E. Print and fill up the following forms from skatteetaten:Personal declaration (1 from each, husband and bride to be) ,Statement by the sponsor (1 from each party)

*question regarding the sponsor: if they can use relatives of the norsk party because they don't have friends yet in norge? a: yes it is ok to have them as your sponsor.
*question regarding presence of sponsor: does the sponsor on the skatteetaten application have to be the witness in the actual wedding? a: i haven't read any rule that requires them to be the same so do which is convenient for you.

After completing all the documents stated in number 2 just go to the skatteetaten office in your area no need for a schedule and apply for a test certificate ( what we know as marriage license in other countries). The application will take 10 minutes maximum so if your partners have work they don't need to be absent because the two of you can do this on a break time. And yes you read it right it should be the two of you coming there to apply. The test certificate will be delivered in your mail box in 1-2 weeks but may take longer if it falls on a week that has a holiday

3. What happens after receiving the test certificate?
    Answer. Go to the decided wedding official of your choice bring your test certificate, passports of you and your partner, permit or visa that you have, then choose your wedding date.

* example in our experience. we went to the tinghuset to get a civil wedding. we chose a date and they will take the test certificate. during the handing of the test cert the personnel told us that on the morning of the wedding day they will verify if there is no problem with you getting married so if you receive a call there might be a problem but if you don't it means wedding pushes through.

*question about the wedding: is there a long waiting time to pick the date(only applicable for court/tinghuset wedding? depends on your area but so far you can get a date a early as the coming 5 days.
*question about the rings: are they required? no, and you have to tell the personnel if you will have it or not so they can squeeze it in the ceremony.
*info about the ceremony: it is free and takes only 10-15 minutes.

For further informationm that you didn't find in this post you can check the website of skatteetaten

Reminder for those who are currently just planning to apply for a schengen/tourist/visitor's visa you cannot use "getting married as a purpose of your visit" you will definitely get a very high chance of being rejected because it beats the rule that states that there should be a "reason to return to home country" when one applies for a schengen/tourist/visitor's visa. According to UDI-Visitor's visa

How your application is considered

When we process your application, we consider how probable it is that you will return to your home country or the country you live in when the visit is over. We consider the situation in your country and your own situation.
We will focus on whether you have anything that ties you to your home country, for example work, property, a spouse or family members who you are supporting.
If we believe that it is unlikely that you will return, your application will normally be rejected.

I hope this helps and again keep in mind that every situation is an individual so results may vary especially if we have a different country of origin so i can answer as much as i can but i cannot give any assurance regarding results.:)

For questions regarding change of visa from tourist to fiance permit or a family reunification as spouse please do not post them here so it will not confuse others. Kindly pm them to me so i can collect and answer them for everyone as i am currently making a separate thread that answers the questions regarding that other topic.

Hey am Ugandan and I applied for a visit visa for Norway but was rejected.. I want to apply again but I need your help on what documents to take in order for it to be approved. Am visiting my boyfriend.

First is check the reason why they rejected your application because that is usually the answer how to get aporoved next time.

From my experience i just literally followed what was on the checklist in the udi website or norwegian embassy of my country.

Yeah I gave them all those documents first from the udi check list and they rejected it..  Meanwhile we want to get married in Norway but don't know what kind of visa to apply for.  Please help me on this too

I have nothing more to add because that is what everyone does here. We all just follow the things on the checklists from the website. Only udi/embassy can decide if the application will be approved or not.

Many factors affect an application such as length of relationship, how genuine the relationship is, age gap is also something they check on, the requirement to reach the salary by the sponsor/your bf is very important, and they also want to see grounds/proof that you will return to your country after your visit(an example is being employed/enrolled as a student, etc.)

Other than these reminders I don't know how i can help you. Maybe others here can help you. Also you should check the reason why they rejected your application.

Thank you very much

hi Stephy !  I have a question regarding the tax office ...we have submitted our docs   and we have fulfilled all the requirements they asked ..  we submitted the documents before as well but they accepted all  other docs other  than the non-marriage certificte and asked us to get attested from foreign office in my home country  and they said after we submit that ... it will take only  two days for them to send us the letter ....

We have exactly done that ..  and now its exactly two days today ....  any advice you wanna give ..  i am kinda panicking a bit


Sometimes it will take more than the number of days they said. It is affected by how busy your tax office is. Right now there is nothing to worry about, other people receive theirs after 2-3 weeks even if the office said that it will arrive within 3-5 days.

thanks for the reply Stephy ..  actually in our case it was always processed but they just needed the attested document so they already had rest of my documents with me ..  the  very reason lady said that they will take 2 days only ...  becuase the first time they had already taken 3 weeks for us ..  now after we have fulfilled all their requirements , they should keep their words ..  ikke sant ? :)

I understand how unfair it is that they will make you wait again. Just keep looking at the positive side so that you will be stress free until the wedding day.

The most important part is they send it to you as soon as they can. If after 5 days you haven't received it just call them :)

hi Stephy I just received it today :)  now we are ready to get married ... I and my guy are happy now  but  as i read ur post regarding the civil marriage .. is there more verification required now ?  refering to your post "* example in our experience. we went to the tinghuset to get a civil wedding. we chose a date and they will take the test certificate. during the handing of the test cert the personnel told us that on the morning of the wedding day they will verify if there is no problem with you getting married so if you receive a call there might be a problem but if you don't it means wedding pushes through. "

could you explain it a bit ... might be helpful for us ?

It is literally what they said. On the day of your wessing if you dont get any call from them it means everything is ok.

We did not receive any calls so i dont know what happens if you do. But i am sure if they call they will give the reason and instructions about what to do.

I think when they mean verification, they might just check with udi, or politi to review records.

it sounds pretty new to me   as we are not told abt any such thing .. 
We have the letter now an now we are looking forward to planning the wedding as we are mentally relaxed now .   :)

I think it is common, it is part of their standard procedure that they check the day of the wedding coz the personnel where we handed our papers said the same thing too. Though they never said what they will check or verify, so i assumed it might be our records or counterchecking our legal stay in norway.

As long as you are sure that everything is in order, you don't have to worry.

ah .. ok Its a regular check then ..  I understand it .. thank you so much .. I was just hoping that we dont have any more paper work to do  for now heheh :) thanks Stephy ..

After the married certificate where do you go next ? To the police or to register it with the council?

After getting married, if you have tourist visa or fiance visa, you register at the udi portal and apply for family reunification visa as spouse.

hello stephy25, about after getting married and register to the udi portal and apply for family reunification visa as spouse what next we should do? because my bf said it to me that we will go to the police so that the police can help us to stay me long here. im holding a tourist visa and planning now to getting married here.

After you get married on a tourist visa, if you are not sure that you are allowed to stay and apply then go ask the police.

But if you think you meet the criteria (example:being a skilled worker, have a child together,) you can directly apply at the portal for family reunification visa.

After you got married on tourist visa, go to UDI portal to apply for residence permit to stay in Norway.  Like what Stephy said, family unification, skilled worker etc etc.

Once you have submitted the application, you have the right to stay in Norway until the results of your application is finalized.  Note that this is only applicable if you submit your application while being physically in Norway.

During your wait for the results, you are not allowed to work.  I am unsure if you are entitled to welfare like healthcare etc....

UDI and police work together with regards to the residence permit.  if you are applying for family unification, it is usually the police that process the application.  If you are applying for skilled worker permit, it is UDI that process it.  No matter what, all appointments and applications are done through the UDI portal.

thank you stephy25.
thank you fornight. about to what you said that the udi and police work together with regards to residence permit, so it means its okey that i must follow my bf to what he says about when we got our marriage cert we will go to the police so that the police they are the one who fixed all to us and only waiting and nothing to do at all.and after that i dont need to apply family reunification to the udi?

The police will just give you advice on what to do. But you still need to log in and launch an application for family reunification online at the udi portal (where you applied for tourist visa before).

There is also a checklist for the requirements that you need to prepare.

start reading at and. click "want to apply" then select "family immigration/reunification spouse,"
from there you will get at customized guide for you to follow.

Which part of Norway are you in?  If you are in some small town, the police will help you with application.

But if you are in Oslo, they generally don't entertain walk-in.  People have to register appointment through the UDI portal.

just tell your bf to go through the UDI website.  It gives very specific instruction on what to do to apply family unification.

No matter what, you need a residence permit to stay in Norway after your marriage.

thanks a lot stephy25 and fornight this is a big help for me.

Hei alle sammen , I just got APPROVED today. 16 days of waiting upon submitting my family reunification application here in Norway. I am very thankful to this site especially to Stephy. Great guide and all her tips are 100% effective!  Same goes to Fornight with her informative answers as well. Tussen takk

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