URGENT Looking for a room


I am Khai, from Malaysia, has been studying Electronic and Information Engineering in Konstanz for 3.5 years. I will start doing my Bachelor thesis for 6 months at Sony Stuttgart starting from 1st October 2015 till end of March 2016.

Till now, left 8 days for me, I still could not find a room.

Thank you.

Pop an advert in the housing section (Green banner), and take a look at other ads that might well be in there.
Other than that, I'm bumping the thread in the hope someone will see it, and be able to help you.

thanks man!

Finding a room in Stuttgart isn't easy, especially for such a short time.
If nothing works out, you can book a place in a short-term serviced apartment outfit, at least initially until you find somethin else. Unfortunately, it will cost you more, though.
I have had good experiences with this one (but there are many others, and also agencies with listings of such places, which you can find with Google):

Thank you for the suggestion! =)

Your best bet is most likey to look at the University. There is a central campus not far from the central train station and another south of the center in Vaihingen but well connected by S-Bahn. There are special places on campus where people hang up advertisements for rooms, apartments, used furniture etc. At the central campus go to the building known as K2. There is a large wall for this just inside the main entrance near the snack bar. If you need help then contact me. I am often at the central campus and could advise you on possible rooms; like what part of town they might be located in and advantages/disadvantages to various locations.

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