Looking for reliable person for some errands assistance


We are registered agents with RAKIA but we are based in Kuala Lumpur.  We are looking for someone who would be able from time to time assist us with running some errands (submitting documents to RAKIA, collecting mail from the post office in RAK, sending couriers etc). 


Hello Anna. I am familiar with freezones in UAE. I was here since 2006. I will be happy to discuss matters with you. I am also a Finance professional, a business consultant, on my own visa, and will be very happy to do errands for you here in UAE. I can even secure business license for you here should you need one. Please let me know. I will send personal details if you need my services. Thanks.

Hi Alpha.Omega2805 > i would invite you to register yourself in the business directory here : … l-khaimah/

Thank you.

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