Playing football (soccer) in Muscat

Hi, I'm new in Muscat (Seeb). I'm looking to get a regular game with a relaxed 5 or 7 a side team. The more unfit / sociable the better.



Hi Charlie

Have you managed to get a group going? I've just arrived in Muscat and am looking to play sone relaxed footy.


Hi Nez,

Not yet. I'll let you know.


Hi guys,

Did you find a group for soccer?


I'm also willing to play football with you guys. I'm living in Al Khoud souq !


Have you managed a team and place to play at.

Guys, Anybody intersted to player soccer ? We are looking out for players.

Let me know. Thanks.

Where at? I am interested to join , but wants to know the location , team & requirements first.


Hey there I am interested in playing but how do we contact ?

Hi Peter,

I'm looking to play football regularly.
I'm not sure if you're still looking for players, but I would love to join if there are still spaces.

Hey Guys,

I see quite some good response to this post. All those who are  still looking to form a football group and play regularly, please whatsapp me at *** and will keep adding each one of you to a common whatsapp  group  and coordinate for our games accordingly.


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