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Sorry for multiple posting - I've got lots of questions and I thought it would be easier (for me and for other people looking for the same information) to break it down per subject matter! (Hope that's ok.)

My husband, daughters and I arrive in Mauritius on the 31st October and my husband will be applying for the Occupation Permit.

We are now looking at health insurance for the whole family - my husband and I are nearly 40, our daughters are nearly 9 and nearly 3, we have no health issues. We currently live in the UK but have lived in France too (my husband is French).

I have heard of April and Henner insurances, but I've also read in the forums here of hospitals rejecting some insurances and asking you to pay upfront, which we really want to avoid if we can!

Does anybody have any recommendations / ones to avoid / questions to ask etc.

Also any idea of a rough cost of this? We're thinking around 500€ a month. Does that sound about right??

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One well known insurance company on the local market is Swan insurance. They have been around for a very long time and also provide health insurance to large corporates.

That's good to know, thanks. Can I assume that is then accepted across all hospitals and doctors then?

Can't go wrong with Swan. :) Even the large corporates use it to insure their employees

Do you have any idea what kind of rates they practise in comparison with other insurers?

Does anyone here use Swan? Anything to add?

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swan the best

Ok, thanks.

We also have Swan - comes with my husbands job - part of his package , this is quite a common thing here, lots of employers include Health Insurance, although they will not cover my Diabetes, I can pay extra to include this though.

Hi guys, my wife and I are expats to Mauritius (staying almost over 1.5 years now)...both of us work here, have OP. 

One supplementary question - can anyone pls help me with the tentative costs involved for a health insurance for two (my wife and I - between 25-30 yrs, all fit, no ailments).  I was speaking to couple of friends and the cost seems to be varying a lot for same/ similar amount of health insurance cover.  I find that very surprising, and hence, any ball-park number for cash-less comprehensive health insurance (from, say, Swan or other insurer - of a reasonable amount) may be really helpful.

Rosiewestie - with Swan is everything paid for upfront? So if you need to go to hospital etc you don't have to put up any upfront money it's all automatically covered by them? Thanks.

FranglaiseMummy :

Rosiewestie - with Swan is everything paid for upfront? So if you need to go to hospital etc you don't have to put up any upfront money it's all automatically covered by them? Thanks.

FranglaiseMummy - FYI, I'd inquired at Swan and was informed that the 'waiting period' for the claims being payable is minimum of 3 months except for accidents.  Further, I was informed that this waiting period could step up to 2 years (yes, you read it right - two entire years!) for certain listed instances (such as any surgical procedure for all Eyes Problems, Pregnancy, Childbirth, etc).

However, @Rosiewestie - your first-hand inputs would be really helpful !

Ouch! That sounds scary! We basically want a health insurance that will pay upfront when we need it - bearing in mind we're all in perfect health with no issues.....anyone?

Hi I've just signed with swan fir health insurance. Depends what cover you go for and of course your age. I'm older than you and have got good cover for 47000rs per annum

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I would look at William Russell health cover.

They offer extensive medical cover for expats around the world. We have been with them for about 5 years now and they are excellent. They also offer Life and Income protection cover.

I think my cover is for $1 000 000 and I pay about $140 a month.( 34 yrs, no health issues). Mine is hospital cover only. It doesnt cover small things like dentist visits,GP, contact lenses(if applic) however the hospital cover is extensive and being in US$ (you can choose Euro) it is good to have cover in a solid currency.

They have won numerous awards over the years and their response to our queries is excellent!

Thanks but we're going to try and find someone that will cover GP visits etc as with 2 kids this is quite handy

What did you decide to do in the end? I'm in the same situation as you. Was thinking would it not be cheaper to do pay as you go if you are in good health as we all are?

We ended up going with Swan Insurance. We want to have insurance in place as you don't know what might happen and with two young kids it's better to be safe than sorry!

How much do you if you don't mind my asking and what sort of coverage do you get?
Asking as we (me, husband, 8 yr old and 5 yr old) are moving over and need to get something sorted although my dad is Adamant that public health care is fine and if we need to have the odd thing done it'll be cheaper to pay as we go....

It varies depending on age of the parents, age of the kids, family history, personal health history etc. But I can put you in touch with the guy we deal with if you want to get a quote?

yes please, thanks

He is called Shane How and I've got two numbers for him - 52542337 and 52552126. His email address is Shane.How[at] He's very helpful and we used him for our home insurance as well as our health insurance. Tell him that you were recommended by Sophie & Ben in Tamarin. Good luck with everything!

@ Franglaise Mummy > Can you please post your recommendation in the business directory? Here is the link :

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Any updated information on how much medical insurance costs for  adults under 40 and   kids under 8

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