Medicals for Occupation Permit

Hi all,

Sorry for multiple posting - I've got lots of questions and I thought it would be easier (for me and for other people looking for the same information) to break it down per subject matter! (Hope that's ok.)

My husband, daughters and I arrive in Mauritius on the 31st October and my husband will be applying for the Occupation Permit - can anyone suggest where we can go to for the necessary medicals for this? We will be in Tamarin.

Also does anyone have any idea of costs for this?

Many thanks,

P.S. we are both French-speakers so it can be a French or English speaking doctor

Hello my friends expat went Fortis Clinique Darné

Georges Guibert Street

(230) 601 2300

696 3612 (Admin)
696 1209 (Medical)


Hi Sophie
I'm moving to the island early October. Looking forward to meeting  lots of new people.  I had my medical done at Clinique du Nord outside Grand Baie . All ecaminationsa d blood tests taken on one day and 2 days later you have your       certificates. Really very quick.
Have you got a place to stay? How did you go.d it as I'm looking as well for myself.


Thanks Mike77, good to know. Do you know how much it cost approximately?

Hi Barbara,

Thanks, that's good to know if we don't find anywhere for our medicals near Tamarin.

We're looking at a couple of things at the moment, we're going through lexpressproperty website at the moment, have you tried that?

How exciting for us all :-)


Hi Sophie
Thanks for the info.  May I ask why you prefer Tamarin area.

Hi Barbara,

We wanted somewhere more Mauritian / expat and less touristy, we also had lots of recommendations from expat / Mauritian friends for this area as having a lovely family / community feel, so good for us with young kids. Also we have found what looks to be a good school and pre-school for our daughters there.

Whereabouts are you aiming to go? What will you be doing?


Hi Sophie,
I also would like to live in an area where there is an opportunity to bi in a community environment with a mix of expat's (from all over the world) and local Mauritians. As well to be away from the touristy spots. As I'm a mature woman with no children I would like to meet people of all age groups.  I get the idea Tamarin is very much young families
I'm arriving in the next few weeks so will enjoy exploring the island to find where I want to settle.
Getting very excited and looking forward to meeting all the bloggers.

Hi Barbara,

I think moving around is a great idea to find where suits you best - I think you're right when you say Tamarin is more young families, or that's certainly the impression i get so far.

Good luck with the last weeks of organisation and maybe see you there!

Hi everybody

I would like to contribute to this thread, as I am pretty aware of the rates practiced by different laboratories, and was bewildered by the wide gap from the most reasonable one to the most unreasonable one, nearly 1:5

Indeed, in connection with my international recruitment activities, I regularly send both locals going to work abroad and expats coming to Mauritius to carry out similar medical tests for processing of their visas either in Mauritius or abroad.

The best, I have obtained so far, including the X-Ray, is as low as Rs 1,600/-. :(

Should the rate be much more attractive than what you are being offered, you can send me a private mail, as I do not want to do publicity here.



Thanks Vayid, that's interesting, I will send you a message now.

Hi Barbera,
Although I am much older, I am in a bit of a similar situation to you, as I too am looking for friendly community to enjoy meeting all sorts of new people. So, staying in a few different areas is a good idea... especially as the higher areas, like Moka which are cooler to live in all year round than down by the beach, but a bit more spread out.

When my daughter and I first came we stayed at Tamarin, Black River, Flic en Flac, Grand Baie, Pereybeye, Trou Aux Biches and Moka!  I'm really pleased we did, as they are all very different styles of living. Personally my favourite was Trou Auy Biches--- such a lovely, welcoming community, and a very interesting place to explore! Plus, I really enjoyed Tamarin, Black River - but know those places are too hot for me during the summer months, although they would all be fine during the winter months. So when I next return I will probably go back to Moka.
All the best, best, Susanne

Hello Susanneah,
Thank you for your info,  it is greatly appreciated.


Happy! peace, old susanne xs

Trou aux biches and perry Bere very good places to live secure and quiet as well as choice of activity for the bisybee.
Valid seems to have good rate at 1600 rs.  Since I have known doctors who can do all blood tests and X ray and certification in about 4000 rupees.
Good luck

Ok, thanks Suresh.

I have to say Tamarin and Black River is a mix of all ages, Races and religions - we are in our 50's (myself almost 60) and we have an active social life here in Black River, in the surrounding area where we live is local people and expats.

In fact I have said it before we thought we had an active social life in England but nothing compared to the socialising we do here with a total mix of age groups :)

Hi there

We are currently living in Tamarin and had most of our immediate tests done through our "family doctor" - Dr. Bernard Piat. He is stationed in Tamarin, but is only available in the afternoon. There is a laboratory station in Tamarin - Green Cross - for all the necessary blood, urine and stool tests to be done. Depending on the tests, you can have the results the same day. The x-rays unfortunately has to be done at a hospital/private clinic that has the equipment and staff. For this reason I think it would be best to go to Fortis Darne, as Mike77 mentioned earlier, since it seems that they can do everything there. We have been there for other medical reasons, and I am very satisfied with the services.

We were in a bit of a pickle with the time limit for our permits (back in 2009), so we jumped between hospitals, doctors and laboratories to get all the necessary documentation. Not a very good first experience in a foreign country.

Hope this helps.


Very exciting Rosiewestie :-) After living in London we're used to mixing with people of all ages, races and religions too, so we look forward to carrying that on!

Thanks for the information Elzaan - I think we will aim to go for just one place where we can get everything done in one go. But I'd like to hear more about Dr Bernard Piat for future reference - is he a family GP equivalent? Is he any good with kids do you know?

I know there is a list of Medical establishments where you go for your medicals and chest xrays for your permits. My friend recently had her's a dependents permit medical done at the clinic in Flic en Flac : CLINIC ST PATRICK. Blueshell Complex, Royal Road, Flic en Flac. Tel: 4539800 Fax: 4539880. Email: stpatrickclinic[at] ...

I had mine 5 years ago in the hospital near curepipe.

I have no idea of cost as my husbands Company paid for his and mine. It seems it is normal practice for the Company who is employing a person to pay for that persons medicals and chest xray.

I have to say medical costs here are much less than in the UK.

Dr. Bernard Piat is located in Tamarin, and has been our family GP/doctor since we got here. I am sure he is good with "kids of all ages", although our child is still going to the pediatrician at the moment - he is only 2 years old. My husband and the dr.  gets along very well. He rubs me up the wrong way, sometimes, but I think it has to do with my personality rather than anything else LOL

When we asked for a list of approved medical practitioners from the BOI, his name was listed, so at least we now that his certificate will be accepted by the BOI.

He is situated in Royal Road, Tamarin. His number is 483 8900. He speaks English very well, but his first language is French.

Like I mentioned, he is only available in the afternoons, from 14:00 to about 18:00.

Let me know if you need more info.

Thanks for the information Rosiewestie - I'll have a look at that Flic en Flac clinic.

Thanks also Elzaan.Nieu, we are a French/English family so a French or English speaking doctor is fine with us :-) Sounds great in any case!

Which laboratory do you send them, is there anything in flic en flac?

We did ours at the clinic in Quatre Bornes, it was super easy. Good luck with it all!

how much was it for the tests, any idea?

Sorry, I can't remember at all as it was nearly 2 years ago.

no problem, i got one in floreal for less than 3k...

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