Which are the reputable recruitment agency?

Hi, those who are already living in Taipei, would like to advise me which are reputable recruitment agency in Taipei? I'm planning moving on to there and currently looking for a suitable position there.
I'm a Chinese from Singapore, I have working in IT line, with many years of experiences in software support and customer service. I'm proficient in languages, English, Mandarin, Malay, Chinese dialects,.
I have always been upgrading myself by taking course as well as self studying, recently I have completed a SAP Business intelligence course in Singapore, and also I'm doing self study for my Microsoft Business Intelligence.
Look forward to hear anyone can help.


You might want to cotact agency like, adecco , recruitexpress, manpower and, of course, linkedin, and job boards like, might be helpful as well.

But can you legally look for work as a visitor? Better check into that.
There are a few online job banks as and that could be of help.
Recruitment agencies are usually for OCWs.

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