650 KD Salary - how much expense for family of 3?

Hi freind,
Recently i have got an offer for 650KD , i would like to know how much will be the expense for a family i will be moving with my Wife & daughter.

Very Very less!!!

Please think and think and don't come in this salary with wife and daughter.

bdw, what about accommodation and what are the other benefits?


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Hello friend ,

As you told you are a family of three , let me know about your child age is he school going ? 650 KD is a ok salary , I suppose you are an Indian , you get flat on rent around 250 KD  cost of Food is not much higher 
but your saving is not much .it all depend upon at present where you work , how much you get there and your family back ground and your emotional IQ ? feel free to ask any more information .

Rangila, good response.

Dana and Nile, please be weary of your advice, not everyone is in a position to "demand more", especially KD 1,000. expats do not get assistance from the National Labor Support Tax as locals do Dana, some, believe it or not, are here on a salary of KD 350 and less, and they still manage to make it work.

in the end, as was stated, your savings will be minimal, but the lifestyle you lead here could be better than back home, so it is not simply a monetary review.

the choice is yours.

I appreciate you telling me this, Legacy. I was not aware. Sorry about that.

I wish everyone will get things to work out for them here.

Your comments and opinions are always so invaluable in this forum. We are thankful for that :)

I will ask a moderator to delete my post if possible, to avoid confusion. Apologies again.

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