Working as a freelancer in Serbia


A lot of expats dream of becoming self-employed: we would like to help you to make that dream come true.

Can foreigners work as self-employed in Serbia? What are the formalities to work as a freelancer?

What are the pros and cons of this status: social security, tax system, etc.?

How is the freelance market in Serbia?

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Good question, I am also interested in the answers.

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I work as a Freelance (Independent) Security Consultant and will write more on the subject on Monday or Tuesday.

Dale (aka Lazar)

How does it work with taxes and such as a freelance.  Do you pay to both your country of citizenship and residence?

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Sorry for the delay in the follow up with the details. Been a little busy renovating the house.

I pay only the Serbian taxes. According to the USA tax exempt regulations an AmCit can make up to 80,000.00 USD of foreign earned income tax free. As long as that individual resides in a foreign country.

I had opened up a d.o.o. here and it is pretty simple and takes about 15 days to complete. The taxes you will need to pay every month in the beginning run about 15,000 RSD and you will need an accounting office to assist (it gets complicated). The down side to a d.o.o. is you can not take money out for personal use. You can set up a montly salary for you that will cover the insurance and any pay (depends on turnover) and other fixed costs (Office rent, utilities, etc.) can also be paid from that account. The advantages are however, that you can offer and perform services anywhere (trading goods and services). I have since changed this due to not having anymore employees.

I recommend that for any business you wish to set up that you do a good business plan and stick to that as much as possible. If you need assistance in that let me know.

Here a link to check out the company types here in Serbia and what they are allowed to do. … types.html

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