What do you like the most in Kuwait?


Living abroad, expats discover and enjoy a new environment.

What do you like the most in Kuwait?

What seduced you when settling and living here?

Share with us your favorite part of living in Kuwait and the reason why you enjoy your expat life here.

Thank you in advance,


KUWAIT is BEST in its own WAYS..... :one

Business for satellite

Going on vacation, away from Kuwait

Little to do here, so you easily save money ... lol

In Kuwait , winter , sea , Avenues mall are the best

The Departure Lounge at the Airpot

Sorry Airport

Is there anything to like in Kuwait? Ok I liked Kuwaiti eggs as they make good omelette..

Kuwait Tower, Avenues Mall, Sharq Area and most Important Kuwaiti Dinar (as it is heaviest currency of the world)  ;)

Big Sales & coffee! (Yup, I have no life  :sosad: )

Hello there,

I like shopping malls here especially the Avenues because they've almost got everything for you. Though its too busy at times, its really quite okay to visit the mall during slack days. I also like 360 mall because it is not so busy mall but if you want to feel like to chill and relax, I think this one is best for you.

I also like shorelines, though at times it is crowded at night due to hotter temperature during daytime but still its okay. Bringing some of my friends and few snacks is such a good time to bond with.

I would be glad also if I can have some friends here specially the locals but I think I would have problem with the dialects coz I can't speak in Arabic.

That's all I can share. So, please share yours...

Thank you.

Hi Chealsea,

Meet up friends... it will brings you life.
But dear, make sure to should know them very well.
From which country you came from?

Kuwait is the mist peaceful country have had that's why I wanted to relocate to Kuwait soon as possible

I like shopping malls...

Whoo..... u missed on everything which kuwait can offer. Plays and theatre at the winter time.culture at Dar Al Athar and Al Qurain festival,  sailing , fishing and island hoping in the summer time.
Traveling to UAE and Oman or Egypt and Lebonan.  Ski in Iran only one hour away.

I somewhat like Malls, but i find the staff works in the shops are cold, and unfriendly. I prefer shopping in different countries for that reason.

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