Halloween Parties

What!  Am I missing something here?  Hey, Pinky (MM2) have you got a 'perky' to show us?:lol::lol:

No dear u havnt missed anything at all..just reached on time :P

there is halloween party at 16th oct in USA embassy ,,

hmm access could be difficult....i really want to attend halloween party this time :(

nonz I think it's You and I who want to go to a halloween party, do you know anyone to help us to inter??? We should go together and ask what you think?

if there is any chance i would like to join as well..:))

guys its invite only.........

I know it is Oct 31 have they changed??? I just left few month ago... Man things are changed in USA since i left :)

by the way... I want to be on the Embassy list. how can you do that? last time i was in Saudi I did not how to that.... I will be coming back to Riyadh soooooon and i hate that already :)

It was assume party :D


Thanksgiving is a holiday to express thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation to God, family and friends for which all have been blessed of material possessions and relationships. Traditionally, it has been a time to give thanks for a bountiful harvest.  Americans commonly believe that the first Thanksgiving happened in 1621, at Plymouth Plantation, in Massachusetts and there is strong evidence for earlier celebrations by Spanish explorers in St Augustine, Florida (1565).

You are correct in that Thanksgiving is much older, infact this custom was practused in the Americas by the Nataive American tribes long befor the colonizations by other nations. The Cherokee, just as an examile, would have 3 parts or times to this custom, one was called the "New Corn selibration" where the first planting of the corn for the year was selibrated after planting by forgiving people fot the things they did in the past year thusly turning a new leaf and re-starting of relationships, the Second was called "Green corn selibration" where the corn was harvested around the first few weeks of September and a feast is held thanking the Great Creater (God) for the harvest of corn, and lastly in late November when the last of the harvest in gathered the "Friendship selibration / Thanks giving" was held to thank God, Friends, and Family for the things they have done for you in the past year. All 3 of these selibrations are/were selibrated with Feasting, danceing, song, and even the giving of small gifts. Mind you this was the way it was and to some extent still is selibrated by some of the Cherokee people. It may also intrest you to know that as far as the Cherokee belive, this custom has always been done since the creation of the Cherokee people and all of man kind.

Hello, i just want to ask if you have any tickets for a Halloween party in Riyadh .

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