I'm planning to stay a while in Taiwan

Hi Everyone,

I'm planning to stay a while in Taiwan, I'm trying to start a business in Taiwan. My current business is Coffee producer, from running a coffee plantation to the coffee bean producer. I need an advice to start the coffee business in Taiwan. Right now, some supplier buy green beans and roasted beans from me in a cheap price and export and sell it in a high price to the Taiwan, Korea and Japan, and also some countries in Europe. Usually they buy a lot of my pure Kopi Luwak to sell to Taiwan. Please kindly advice me about starting coffee bean business in Taiwan and maybe any coffee importers contact that I can talk.

Thanks in advance for your kind attention.

Any advice may contact me

Hi Irla,

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It'd make sense to talk to one of the many cafes in Taiwan, some of whom obviously buy beans and roast on-site.

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