Driving to the UK from Brussels

Hello all.

I am Allwyn from India, staying with family in Brussels since the last 15 months.

I recently obtained a 1-year Visit visa for the UK.

Now, I intend to drive alone from Brussels to Oxford using the company car.

What is the cheapest way for the Channel Crossing ?
The Euro Shuttle ( 35-minute duration) cost is prohibitive for a week trip. It is reasonable for a 1 day trip.
Any suggestions for a low cost crossing ?

My arrival time at the departure point is wayward. So, I would come to the Calais, Dunkirk point any time during the day. So, booking anything in advance is not feasible. Same for the return trip.

So, any ideas for the crossing ? Since I am alone, quality and awkward timings are not an issue.

Do suggest something.



Any information is welcome.

Waiting for inputs from the forum.


Hello allwyn,
The cheapest solution is to fligth to UK and to rent a car. Rent your car through

I used this many times, the cheapest and most flexible tickets are day tickets for 30 euro approx each way. Just buying them 2-3 days in advance works fine, and you can just ditch the return ticket .

Ah, does that still work?  I thought they put you on a blacklist if you did it repeatedly?

samrutherford :

Ah, does that still work?  I thought they put you on a blacklist if you did it repeatedly?

Indeed, throw-away ticketing is often a violation of the conditions of carriage or other contractual agreements with many airlines, and serial offenders are flagged, if you belong to their frequent flyer program, your membership will likely be terminated with forfeiture of accumulated points/miles.

Well, I finally drove to London from Brussels and back.
Travelled with family
Started on a Monday and returned on Friday.
A satisfying experience.
Used the DFDS ferry service. The cost was 69 euros, to and fro for a short-stay trip from Dunkirk to Dover and back.
Left Brussels at 7 am and reached London at 2 pm (UK time)
Left London at 2pm and reached Brussels at 10 pm.
A very economical trip. Tanked up the company car with the company Fuel Card at the border. That was sufficient till our return to Brussels.
Parked at the hotel for the whole stay.
Travelled in London using the Tube only.
So, yes. The whole famly travelled for 35 euros each side. Eatables were packed. No halts. The ferry travel was the toilet and stretching break.
That's it.
Tot ziens !

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