I'm thinking about moving to Peru in two or three years

Hola everyone :)
I'm Geraldine, I come from France. I'm a nurse and run my own business in France. I just came back from some volunteer work in Peru (Arequipa). First time there and not the last I tell you!
I really enjoyed the people, the landscapes, the habits and all. I 'm thinking about moving to Peru in two or three years. (but I'm coming back next year for 2 months). So I'm here to meet new nice people,(and maybe get some job opportunities who knows...).

Hi Geraldine,

Welcome on board :)

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Regarding your job hunt please know that you still can drop your resume in the Nurse job offers in Peru section as it might help :)

Thank you


That's nice, people are loving. I'm living in Lima if you want to come here and visit this beautiful place.

I have read several posts of people who have decided to go live in Peru. I wonder how they will solve the problem of not being able to open a bank account as a foreigner. I mean, a guess a bank account is a must. If you have your savings in your country, you will need to bring some funds to the new place. You will need a bank account to pay for services, food, etc. I do not think one can go around with cash all your life. How are you solving this issue? Please, I will like some advice

Hi. It is possible to open a bank account in Peru. You will need to make a lot of paperwork and have a wroking visa though. I have a friend who wanted to do it but the cons outweighted the pros in the end. You can open one if you really need it but if you don't stay more than a year and already have an account in your country don't do it. If you have good conditions on your credit card it won't be that expensive to use it here, just withdraw dollars or soles.

Hi Geraldine, you're not the first French person relocating to Peru. In fact I know a few frenchies living close to Arequipa. I don't know what it is about the French liking Peru but I imagine its getting away from the rat race in europe and having more financial freedom. There are a few french living in Yanque, very close to Arequipa. If you go there, you'll run into them, its a small town.
Happy Travels :)

Hello welcome  geraldine06 i am naci born in canada But i am half Peruvian  and half Canadian i speak frech and Español etc spanish ingles and Portuguese. I lived 4 months when i was 16 before in peru whith my grandmother  abuela :) in Baranco  near miraflores i also know Arequipa and l
LIMA AND miraflores  and Callao  Peru is a beautiful Country pais pays and great people but you must  know that life is different out there in peru and paris france in some districto district in peru it's dangerus for American gringo etc but other place like Arequipa  and Miraflores  riche district  of financial product etc is very rocomanded i love peru i was in peru in (july 24 2016 ) in miraflores  its lovely vamos peru but i hope that you will find what you need i am 18 years old and i may not know everything  but i know that peru is good perfect place to live its different :) i would like to help you if you need more information  infos contact  the ambassador of peru canadian french etc in miraflores :) calle jiron  de bolegnesi) near hotel the hotel miramar pe . The adress is (Bolegnesi  228,miraflores 15074) emajadas de Canada french pe for help. Or maybe arequipa hospital  you could learn nursing school job or ask for employment work in arequipa or lima  good luck ;) bonne chance Cuidate (faites  attention  a vous)

Perhaps and the los SOLES the money is different  of the European Euro or Pesos it's not the same furtune valour $$$ no es lo mismo  not same pas le même examples  you have 200 Canadian  or Euro and you transmitted  to Soles you will have x2.      400soles because euro and canadian money plata are not the same rich

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