Newly joined faculty/professor from India in Saudi Arabia University

Is here anyone who joined first time (new joining) as an asst. professor or professor in any university of Saudi Arabia in the current academic year (August/Sept, 2015), or got the visa for the same.


Actually, i got an offer letter in Feb, 2015 for the post of Professor in a Saudi Arabia University and was supposed to join in last week of august, 2015, but till now do not get visa.
And the agent who arrange my interview is saying that new visa for teaching professional in Saudi Arabia Universities are delayed and i have to wait some more time to get the visa.

There are many new faculty who already joined diffrent universities. Contact the University directly.

yes its possible that there is a delay but u should verify with your sponsor

I want to hear from those who joined. Is anyone here to reply?

Yes , I am Indian from Ummul  Qura ....Makkah Mukkarmah ...Detail about you

Thanks shamshermakkah.
I was selected as prof. in mathematics department in Feb, 2015. But till now i dont get the visa. You are in which department.

Are you selected in Umm Ul Qura university

shamshermakkah :

Are you selected in Umm Ul Qura university

Not for Umm Ul Qura university.
I was selected for Al Baha University.

Is there any other who joined in current semester as a fresh?

Please reply if anyone here?

I am also selected for AL baha university in dentistry dept. Can you please share your experience?

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