Surabaya Expats, what to do an Saturday night

Haven't been in Surabaya for long, but kind of feel to meet expats for a drink, beer or today I feel for genuine Indian food!

Where to find a good Indian restaurant in west surabaya ( thats not located at foodcourt at a mall) 😆

And If some in feel for Indian food, pls join
I stay at Ascott WP

Cheers Michael

i stay in Ascott too for the last 1.5 months.... why i havent seen you during bfast,,,,

I don't know nxpat, maybe we can meet up at breakfast

Hi Michael :)

Well, there is a good Indian food in west Surabaya, but I do not know it will suit your taste or not. Its located in G-Walk, a restaurant named Golden Saffron. The owner is an Indian family who stays in Waterplace also :D

There's an Indian food resto in or near the golf course at Graha in the west.

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