Requirements to bring our cat into the country

We have purchased a house in a gated community near Sosua and will be there for 6 months starting mid November. (We are from western Canada). We have a cat, older but in excellent health, that we are planning to bring with us. The cat pretty much stays on our property, suspect it will do the same in the DR. Has anyone else brought a pet from home, and aside from the requirements to bring the cat into the country, are there concerns of which we should be aware that are different from home.

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We have brought our dog in and lots of friends have brought cats and dogs with no problems. You should get the cat to a vet when you get here and maybe keep a poison kit (from the vet) just in case.

Do not rely on you cat staying on your property.

Bob K

We have had our cat vaccinated for rabies, sept 18 this year, with the 3 year vaccine. We are taking her to the vet tomorrow to get the "international health certificate for dogs and cats" (this is a Canadian document) completed. My understanding is we get on the plane with this completed form in hand, and find the Dominican pet clearance official at immigration. Pay $10 American and we are through.  Our flight is November 15 to PP. am I right in my assumptions.


That should do it!

Bob K

Don’t the certificates (health & vaccination) have to be legalized by the DR Embassy for a fee?   I was told the fee in Ottawa would be $100 and this should be done within 15 - 20 days of your flight.

Thanks Annieloraine. According to CIFA it's not required. CIFA stamps the completed forms after our vet completes their part. Haven't seen any information on any websites other then saying what I am doing is right, and haven't found a website for the DR government that says specifically what they want. The US and Canada provide requirements. Any info on a DR website location would be helpful.

Okay that’s good to know.  I’m hoping to bring my dog to DR in the spring and contacted the DR Embassy for the form that the vet needs to fill out.  They’re the ones that told me about legalizing the forms and the fee.  I thought $100 was a little high but would be worth it to get him in.  Do you have to send your form to the CIFA for stamping or is there a place to take it?  Forgive my ignorance but I too have searched the internet for information and am still in the dark about the right procedure.

There are various cfia offices throughout the country. Check cfia website for locations. We are getting our form stamped this week at cfia.

okay, thanks

Just get  your vet certificate and up to date rabies.  Have $10 ready when you get here and that is it.  We have brought our dog in numerous times doing just this

Bob K

Thanks. Exactly what we are doing.  Will update everyone on the 16th of November on how everything went. Don't suspect any problems.

Should not be.  Good luck

Bob K

We have arrived!!

Update; the DR requires rabies only for vaccination. We had our vet complete the CFIA form, saying she was in good health, rabies shot done, in BLUE ink, then took it to the local CFIA office for verification. Cost $20 at CFIA. Travelled to the DR, landed at Puerto Plata airport took our cat with the forms to the animal control officer at the airport. 10 minutes and $10 US later, on our way!!

Worked just like it was supposed to.  Welcome

Bob K

Thanks for letting us know how it went!


Hi Bob and all

We are heading to Sosua with our 3 cats early April for a minimum of 6 months to indefinite..... Getting all shots etc. Then going back for certificate of health. I have read it needs to be within 14 days of travel to DR but also read 30 days of travel. Can't find a site with clear answer (we are coming from the US). Also do you know if the certificate of health from the qualified vet needs to be certified by a US government agency? And while I am on the topic, anything extra needed if we return to the states with them? Other than showing up to date rabies shots?

Thanks! Cannot get there soon enough!

I don't know about when you return to US but going to DR you do need both vet approval and then send for US gov approval. I have two cats I'll be bringing over too. It's on the US embassy website for visa requirements.

Got it. Thanks Kat. I'll go check it out

Having traveled back and forth with our dogs I can tell you that only the first time did we get the US government stamp of approval  and in multiple trips have never had to produce this but we always needed the vet's form and $10 per animal when you land.

To leave you need another Vet form filled out by a local vet here.

Bob K

Thanks Bob K. Appreciate the info. I am sure I will have more questions for you all as we get closer to our move date.  Truly appreciate all the invaluable information everyone provides on this site.

You are welcome.  Keep us posted and keep reading and asking questions.

Where in Sosua are you setting up?

Bob K

Hey all

Another random question on the pets... Do you give them bottled drinking water?

Bob K- we are now setting up in Cabarete (at least to start). We arrive this Saturday. Will definitely be in Sosua frequently as we love the Italian restaurant on the road to the beach as well as Mosha's on the beach. :)

Glad you are making progress and will be here soon.

We give our dogs tap water.


This is super helpful to know. I have a cat and dog and was wondering what I should expect in terms of preparing to take them with me.

Hey Fireaway

Not sure where you are coming from, but for us from the US it was super easy. Make sure they have their rabies shots etc. Your vet should know what immunizations are required. And then a certificate of health from your vet which I BELIEVE must be dated within 30 days of travel to DR.

And Bob K was right. Once arriving into DR with your pet it is beyond easy. In fact I thought we almost made it out without anyone even noticing we were bringing in pets. lol. They stopped us after customs as our bags were going thru the last screening. The "animal inspector" came over and ushered me and my friend over to a side room. He took my certificate of health, and essentially duplicated SOME into some form on his computer screen. He then handed me a slip of paper and held out his hand to collect the $10 per pet. I put animal inspector in quotes because I am neither sure of his title, nor did he even LOOK at our pets to make sure we in fact did have cats in our carriers. HA

Also from what I read on the USDA site, and confirmed by my vet, DR no longer requires the stamp of approval from the USDA to enter DR with the animal.

Another point, when we went home to Canada we had "Dr. Bob" fill out the form to leave the Dominican. At the airport we gave the form to the animal guy, and 400 pesos later and another form in hand, done at the airport, we were on our way. Can't exit the Dominican without it apparently.

That is correct, it is the same process in reverse when you leave.

Bob K

Hi everyone!

So when my boyfriend and I move to the D.R. in the next 2 to 3 years years we will also be bringing three cats along. This will be my first time ever bringing pets on a plane so I was just wondering if someone may be able to tell me what the average cost would be to actually fly my 3 cats with an airline? Also, what is the process like when they are actually being put onto the plane (like where would we drop them off and then pick them up at our destination airport), and did you guys have any doubts about trusting the airline crew to handle your pets with care?
Oh! Sorry, one last question; did any of you give drugs to your pets to knock them out (say, for the people who might have longer flights or have to stop and switch flights first before arrival)?  Thanks so much!

We used westjet. Cost about $75 to have our cat in the cargo hold with us, from Edmonton to Toronto then POP.  Changed planes in Toronto. Actually we got treated like royalty when we checked in. Pets are special. You get slips of paper handed to you before you take off while sitting on the plane saying your pet is on the plane. Never drugged her, just made sure she had puppy pads etc and water.  Note there are rules regarding the cage design you must follow, metal locking doors etc.

Okay, that gives me a rough idea. Thanks!

Hi Pauline

We flew down from New York with our 3 cats. We read originally that we needed one person per cat to fly in cabin. However when we called United they told us if the animals were small enough and 2 could fit in one carrier, then we would only need to pay 2 in cabin fees and only need 2 people to travel. I believe the fee was $100 per cat (or $100 per carrier). Call your airline though and speak to them about their rules. I found a lot of inconsistent information online. Plus most airlines only allow a certain amount of in cabin pets (if you are putting them in cabin) so you need to "reserve" your cats space.

We did not give out cats "drugs" but we did buy "calming treats" which we tested out in advance and then gave our cats about an hour before leaving for the airport and then as/if needed. It worked fine. I was more stressed than the cats. You can find them in some pet stores or on Amazon.

Also your vet will know what shots and paperwork you need to travel with them to DR. I would speak to them in advance to discuss it. Once we had our paperwork in hand, we found that both in the US and in DR, no one bothered to look at the animals. They just wanted the $$.

Lastly, if you can fly with them in cabin, keep in mind you will need to remove them from their carriers when going thru security. We had harnesses and a leash on each, just in case, but the small metal on the leash set off the metal detector so we had to remove them and go thru again.

Hope this helps.

Thanks ns, that really narrows some stuff down and helps us figure out the process coming from the U.S. ourselves. We will talk to different airlines to figure out what we could do. Thanks again, we are so excited for the move! :)

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