moving to Serbia any advice


I am hoping to move from Newcastle, England to Serbia within the next few years to be with my partner.. I was wondering if you could give me some tips? advice?
Its pretty hard to find an English person with the knowledge of actually moving to Serbia.

My email is ***

Thank you in advance!

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Hello Sophie,

Welcome on board  :)

Since the thread on which you posted is outdated, i started a new topic on the Serbia forum from your post.

Hopefully, you will get some feedbacks.

Best of luck,

I just moved here with my husband and 2 children. I am not English but I have had contact with a lot that are. We moved over from the USA but my husband is from here. I love the but for specific questions I would go on to the Belgrade foreign visitors on Facebook as they are all really active and helpful.


Hi Sabrina,

Since you lived in Serbia, could you please share information on the Serbia Forum itself with the members of and ask your questions for others to help you too.

Thank you in advance,

YOu could try to find some facebook group eg. british people in serbia etc..

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