Important requirement to approve for MVV Visa

I have Dutch bf for 3 years already. His first visit was last July, 2015 for 18 days here in the Philippines. Presently im working in a private company.

After his visit, he wants me to move to Netherland as soon as possible, but i have to learn dutch language first take the civic integration exam hopefully next year.

May i ask what is the best chances in applying for Netherland Visa? He is earning more than 1600 euro in a month, would that be good enough for him to be my sponsor?.

Do we have to present pictures and chats history for the requirements?. We prefer to apply for the MVV visa so that we can get marry in Holland.

I believe if i apply for Tourist visa that is only 3 months and i must go back to Philippines.

What are the most needed proof for MVV visa?.

Hoping for your helpful advise. God bless everyone!


Welcome on board  :cheers:

Your boyfriend should contact the IND and ask the questions you have there, you can visit their website:

Good luck!

Hi, this post was posted last year.. Hope you can still read my reply... Would like to know if you're able to migrate to Netherland? How was everything ?thanks

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