some details about home schooling

just want to get some details about home schooling and also where can i get the materials

I m in Sri Lanka and planning to leave dubai after 4 months Could you give me more details about homeschooling and curriculums which accept by Sri Lanka! And do i need register to my kids any where or do they need to take a test or what?!?
Thank you so much for your help

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Hi ,
I like to know about homeschooling in Sri Lanka. I will be here for a few months and would like to know how I can compensate my children's schooling via homeschool network.


Yes I was homeschooled and now I am homeschooling my kids too. We get the metirial from the US.. and follow the usual procidure... we have yet to have any issues with any government body infact childservicrs interviewed my parents once becuse someone had complained and they where happy with the whole set up.. So yes it is possible to do here .

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