Presently in Norway - need i go back home to apply for Fiance Visa?

Hi ,

I just want to ask if possible to apply fiance visa here in Norway while I´m working as au-pair.

No need to go back na ba sa Pilipinas?

Is some one has/had same case like mine?

Me and my from bf are living in Trondheim.

Your comment is highly appreciated....

I think since you are already there in Norway on a legal residence permit (as an au pair) you don't need to apply for a fiancé visa in order to get married. That is of course, if your visa has not yet expired. It is better to check with Skatteetaten, if you could be allowed to marry your bf in Norway and if it is possible to stay in Norway on a procedural basis once you have submitted your application for family immigration permit.

In Denmark, an au pair is allowed to get married and submit an application for family reunification, provided their visa is still valid. Once their visa has expired while their application is still not yet decided, then they get procedural stay. So maybe, it is the same in Norway.

Anyway, here's the link for you to look at: … n-citizen/


I know someone same as your case shes alsk au pair but then the udi will only allow you if you have a higher education like college degree. My friend didnt had college degree so she need to go back to ph. Then  apply family reunification in there.

Ok, I have read that you can only submit an application for family reunification, i.e family immigration permit, in Norway if you can fulfil the 2 requirements: 1. you can document that you are a skilled worker 2. you have a legal stay in Norway.

According to UDI:

In order to be classed as a skilled worker, you must have completed vocational training, completed higher education or have special qualifications.
Requirements relating to your education/qualifications

You must have one of the following types of education/qualifications

a completed vocational training programme of at least three years at upper secondary school level, for example as a joiner or health worker. There must be a corresponding vocational training programme in Norway.
completed education or degree from a university/ university college, for example a bachelor's degree as an engineer or nurse
special qualifications that you have obtained through long work experience, if relevant in combination with courses etc. A permit is only granted in such cases in exceptional circumstances. Your qualifications must be equivalent to those of someone who has completed vocational training.

Nonetheless, you can still marry your boyfriend in Norway but if you aren't a skilled worker, then after your wedding you will have to go back to the Philippines and apply for the family immigration permit and wait for the decision there.

If you don't want to go home, there are actually some other legal alternatives...but that would require you and your boyfriend to move to another EU country and settle there for a couple of months or maybe even a year, return to Norway and then apply for a residence card as a family member of EU/EEA national.

like what Ainos said yes it is possible if you can meet the criteria to be allowed to apply from inside Norway:

UDI- people can submit an application in Norway

I have a slightly different experience  since i am not an au pair but i applied inside Norway without going home from tourist to family reunification and i already have my permit now.

Best you can do is contact the politi.

hello, some of my friends applied finace` visa here in Norway and were not required to go back home.
when you apply for fiance´ visa, you will need to get married within 3 months..

Hello is it true that I can start applying for visa in Norway while I'm still here in Denmark .. I got married to a Norwegian and I can't process my papers in Norway Bec of my education. But my visa is valid until November 2018 as an aupair,,... but my host family is fine with that as long that I will wait for ther new aupair ..

How many months did ur frend wait?

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