Is it safe to relocate and get the job in Papua New Guinea?

Hi I'm Nikki!

I'm new here in I am planning to take a job as Cabin Crew for Air Niugini. Part of the job is be relocated and live in PNG. Is it safe to live here?

Hi Carl here just stick to the expats and always move around with a friend not by your self the asan people are at more risk then most but generally the local are nice but pray on the defenceless and will do wot ever thay have to to get some money as most of them r starving and payed a very minimum wage fill free to chat

Hi guys, so look out for yourself which ever country you're in.

Looking forward for my future job in PNG and keeping myself positive, as the initial offer is 3 years contract minimum.

There is always some risk involved in POM.  However there are many safe paces also, such as the Vision City Mall, expat grocery stores and others.  Transportation is an issue.  It is advised to get a referral to a couple of reliable and safe taxi drivers, get their phone numbers and use them exclusively.  Do not take public transportation in general.  If you do venture out in public places outside of the expat areas, always go with several people.  Once you become accustomed to the area and make some friends you  will relax enough to really enjoy the people and culture in POM.  PM me for more info or to meet when you arrive, My wife and I would be glad to show you around some to get you started,

Hi Steven,
Have you got children and if so how have they found the move? 
What do you do for entertainment?
Are you enjoying your time there?
Any information is greatly appreciated.

Hi there

I am negotiating an offer for sales job in Port Moresby. This would involve local travel. Please advise on safety on my job, as I am getting mixed opinions not living in PNG!



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