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Hi all

I have recently been offered a job in a Dubai free zone (currently I am living in Europe).

My company has started ~5 weeks ago the process to issue the visa (I sent the requiered documents...). It took some time to gather all the documents (and Immigration was constantly coming back with new documents requests (birth certificate), explanations etc.).

Now, last week, I have been informed by my future employer that it's currently under 'security check'.

What does it exactly stand for???
Are they checking through Interpol that I am not a "risky" person? Or checking through the embassy of my home country (France) that I don't have criminal records, or flagged as a risky person? or else..?

Then I have seen on the internet different speculations with regards to the time needed to complete this security check procedure: some people speaking about 1 week, and other about 6-8 months!!
My main concern is that my employer could be discouraged and give up everything. Initially they told me that it should take a month or so, and that I would be expected to start in September/October (which will not be the case).

I have heard as well that for purely "westerners" it was easier and faster to get the overall process approved: is that right? (which is not my case...even though I have a french citizenship, was born and raised in France, my name sounds rather arab/muslim, and I heard that this could make complexify things..).

Are there any hints of how long this security check could take in a dubai free zone area?
I heard that for Government/semi-government companies, it could take longer (in my case it's a private company) ?
Are there differences in the processing time between dubai & Abu Dhabi (I mainly saw information on the topic concerning Abu Dhabi) .

Last but not least, I have seen that visiting certain countries could be a cause of security check denied; In my case, I have been 2 years ago twice to Egypt for purely professional reasons (i stayed there 2-3 days): someone in the forum mentioned this country as a "drawback" (sorry for this word) to get security check approved .. Is that right?

Thanks all

It's a procedure for the submission of your visa. Your work permit will be approved only after security clearance and once it is approved, your employer need to submit the application for your visa. Chances for the rejections are there during security clearance, but they will not disclose the reason in detail. If a visa application is rejected because of security reasons, it can never be processed. Let's hope for the best :)

Thanks Shana for your feedback.
Do you have any idea of how long this takes for dubai free zones visa?

polotsk :

Thanks Shana for your feedback.
Do you have any idea of how long this takes for dubai free zones visa?

Here, the process is very slow. Any way, it depends on the person who handles it.

Hi there,

I am back with the same subject. I have been informed lately (after 2 months) that I have been rejected once at the security check. I have no criminal record, no nothing that can explain this (some told me it is because I am moroccan under 30 and not married).

My concern today is if there is a possibility to have the security check approved after being rejected once?

Thanks in advance!

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I am in the very same case today. How did it work out for you? Anyone has a feedback on this topic?
The thing is I am already in Dubai, working for my company and the process has been initiated 3 weeks ago already with no visibility but "under security/immigration approval".
It stresses me out. i would be happy to get anyone's experience on that.


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