Where can I find speakers of Spanish, French, German, Hungarian...

Hello everyone,

I'm new to! (So new that I'm making mistakes using it, like putting links in my messages, etc.) I love languages. So much so that I changed my career to become a language professor. I love teaching English and of course love learning Chinese, but I would like to find where people can speak the other languages I know, especially Spanish, here in Chengdu! Please let me know!!!

Hello ProfessorHerrera,

You did the right thing by dropping an advert in the Chengdu classifieds.

Good luck with that one,

Thanks! Chengdu is a big city. There must be many people who would like to join us, if they just knew about us!

Hi Proffesor,
I will be in Chengdu in March 2016.
I have native level in English and Spanish.
My purpose in Chengdu is to learn Mandarin.
How  long have been in China?


Are you guys still holding meetings?

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