Renters insurance

Does anyone have renters insurance? If so, ballpark figure of what it costs? And names of insurance companies or agents?

I've only held homeowners insurance in my life, so I have no idea what to expect as far as renters insurance.. $20 a month.. $100 a month? Just a general idea would be sufficient..

Thanks in advance :)

I'm curious, too, as we'd like to do long term renting.

When I was renting a lot of years ago, I never had renters insurance. Since most houses are made of concrete a fire is not likely to spread much. I would consider it for break-ins.
Not being in the island at the moment, I can not say how popular rental insurance is.

The fact that there was another post asking the same question and nobody answered it, makes me think it is not a popular thing, but I assume it would be around the same as in the states cost wise.
Sorry I can not add more,

I have heard around 350 a year in the states, depends on what you have in the apartment it may be higher. Typically Computers and other expensive items are covered by a rider which is a little more. In PR I have no idea, but probably around  the same.

I have not looked into renters insurance yet in Puerto Rico but carried it all the time I lived in NYC and a few of the years I lived in Boston.  It was added onto my car insurance and lowered the cost of both.  I don't remember the discount on my car insurance but it basically covered the $250 a year my renters insurance was which was for I believe 15K in coverage.  Had a rider for my engagement ring but that wasn't much more.  Also renters insurance covers all your property even when you travel and my deductible was $200.  It covered all water damage that wasn't caused by weather (very important in the Northeast where pipes can burst in the winter).  Since it seems a lot of people here only use the car insurance that comes with registration that might be why there isn't much info.  If you have AAA call them as they are really helpful and assisted me with all my insurance.


Thank you for the ball park helps to get an idea of what it possibly cost. :)

Called a couple of companies about renters insurance, both Seguros Multiples and Mapfre were roughly the same. $205 for 25k personal property, 500k liability and 5k medical.  Quote is for a year.

Obviously, you can get less or more coverage. Example 10,000 property, liability 100k medical 1k for $135 a year.  I didn't ask for a quote higher than 25k as that is plenty for us.

As many have mentioned previously, you will get discounts on other insurance policies within the same company, the more you add, the more you save.

Not sure if allstate is valid in PR, but the expat site is showing me an ad for renters insurance of 4 dollars a month when bundled with your car insurance.

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