Hello there, I am a newbie in Fukouka

Hello there,
I am from Taiwan. Now living near Hakata.
I would like to meet you and exchange life experiences with you.

warm regards,

Hi, I also living in hakata , I am Kenny from Malaysia.
Nice to meet you.

If you don't mind , just give me a reply.


Hi Kenny,

I am Malaysian just touched down fukuoka this morning, looking for temporary  English/ Japanese interpreter till1st September.

Do you know anyone around who like to make some pocket money  ?

I will pay 10000 yen for 1 day.
Just setup an office here and need help urgently.



Thanks for your message.

If you don't mind my lousy japanese level, I would like to try it.
Due to my full time job, I am only available for part time.

And would like mind introduce yourself since you are malaysian and I am happy to know those from Malaysia..



Hi Kenny,

I leaving Fukuoka now  and thanks for your reply.

I found myself an interpreter from Malaysia doing his PhD in Kyushu U.
He's been very helpful for this week.

I'll be back soon, thanks.


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