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Anyone living in Baoding, China?


I've been living in Baoding for about a week now as a team of 5 teachers from the UK teaching various subjects...

If anyone would like to meet for coffee/beer/food then send me a message..

Would be nice to see if any other westerners are here!


Hei, nice to meet you here! And my old hometown is Baoding, maybe we can meet for coffee one day, hehe

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Hi there, I've been here a year and only just seen this! Got to be honest I prefer beer: I teach visual arts, (my name's Mark:) actually there aren't that many teachers here from the West so there's a good chance we've bumped into each other in R66! Anyway feel free to let me know how you're doing!

hi, Gary,
My nephew is in Baidung, he is Chinese , friendly. he has a bar, serving all kinds of cocktail, really cool.
I can connect u with him

I am originally from Baoding. I have lived in the United States for almost ten years. Now I'm back to this old town for some family business. Sadly, having not lived here for so long, I feel like a complete  stranger here. It would be awesome to meet some "foreigners" and have some social life. Feel free to pm me. :)

Hi, this Xiangmeng.  I was just doing some mad research on some sort of meet-up groups in Baoding. It seems like your rely is the latest.

I'm from Baoding and have lived in the U.S. since 08 for school and work. I'll be living here in Baoding for at least another two months. It would be awesome to meet some friends!

Hi there,

this seems to be the latest thread on Baoding. I'm close to confirming a move there as a University lecturer. I'm from England, UK, it's quite daunting to uproot myself for a year but I'm excited and equally scared of moving there!

I have so many questions about the place, mainly what is there to do.

I'm a fairly active person, and I'd hate to end up comfort eating myself into a blob! What's the city like and the bars? I'm a British-born Chinese - so, will probably blend in with the crowd lol, but I have zero Mandarin skills. I'm looking to be there by March as that's the start of the semester... would like to see what the 'foreign' community is like over there!

Thanks y'all!




I also signed a contract with a school in baoding and will be traveling over there by the end of this month.

Here is to hoping there are some responses on your question. Would be noce to here from expats living in baoding.


Anyone  who is Canada . Regina,Toronto, Edmonton, Kingston or any way else in Canada . I am Jack in China in Beijing city . We can talk thanks


I arrived in baoding. Hoping to connect with other expats.


I will be moving to baoding soon to work with great wall motors. How is living in Baoding? Anyone know about Great wall motors?

I have been in Baoding for a month and don't know a single person. Would love to meet someone or have a beer with someone in the area in a similar position whom I can converse with.

Been teaching speaking English for a month and don't know anyone wondering if anyone's in a similar situation?

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