Haidian and large dog

Hi there,  I am considering relocating to Haidian location because of work. I have a rather large dog, 85 pounds shepherd mix. I've heard that large dog band is not strictly reinforce in the Haidian district. Is that true? How is life as expected looking like there? I am close to 40 and wondering if this location is expat friendly...

Hey there! Did you move to Beijing?

We are considering the move and have 2 large dogs as well

Hello Ladyloren and TommyxxAnna,
you probably have seen my last post regarding dogs in Beijing, but I am recommending Globy Pet Relocation for this kind of matter too. In addition to handling all procedures for relocating pets to Beijing/ China, they also know which 'size of dog' is allowed in which district. As far as I know, only small dogs up to a certain height are allowed within the 3rd/4th ring road and larger dogs only beyond that. Harriet Liu may be best to contact (***). good luck!

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